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We are your strategic partner, focused on continuous ESG reporting and associated data digitalization. We build upon the work of ESG consulting firms (our partners) by digitizing identified ESG data points, automating their collection, and visualizing them for ease of understanding.

When necessary, we actively collaborate with ESG consulting firms to deliver comprehensive solutions of the highest quality.

Digital Transformation

We focus on digitizing and automating ESG data collection, working alongside ESG consulting firms.

Enhanced Collaboration

Our partnership extends to digitizing identified ESG data points, ensuring seamless integration and understanding.

Comprehensive Solutions

When complex challenges arise, we collaborate closely with consultants to deliver high-quality, comprehensive ESG reporting solutions.

When will you appreciate continuous ESG reporting?


You are a large company or corporation  


You have completed an ESG report or sustainability report (in-house or in cooperation with a consultancy) 


You have an ESG strategy that needs to be supported by continuous data collection, measurement and visualization


You need to have data available more frequently than once per year in order to make informed decisions when implementing your business strategy.

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Utilize ESG data as a strategic tool

Gain your tailor-made ESG strategy

Understanding how companies manage the opportunities and risks related to sustainability issues is crucial not only for identifying, assessing, and addressing potentially harmful impacts of a company’s activities on employees, local communities, and the environment.

ESG strategy ultimately helps to support overall company growth and reduce costs.

Ensure, therefore, that your ESG strategy is tailored specifically for your company:

  • comply with regulations,
  • engage key stakeholders,
  • establish a plan and implementation framework,
  • clarify objectives.

Drive Your Business Forward: Partner with Adastra for Leading-Edge ESG Digital Transformation

Unlock new potentials in ESG reporting with Adastra's pioneering digital solutions. Our partnership promises to enhance your data accuracy and reporting efficiency, paving the way for a more sustainable and insightful business future.

Innovative Data Digitalization

Transforms ESG data into a streamlined digital format

Centralizes data within a unified digital ecosystem

Employs cutting-edge IoT for extensive data acquisition

Real-Time ESG Dashboards

Delivers live, intuitive visualizations of ESG metrics

Provides standardized reporting tools for consistency

Enables customized analytic reports for in-depth insights

Advanced ESG Analytics with AI and ML

Leverages artificial intelligence for deeper data analysis

Utilizes machine learning for predictive ESG trend insights

Optimizes processes with ESG data for sustainable outcomes

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Attain Collaborative Mastery in ESG Reporting with Adastra and Our Expert Advisory Partners

Adastra, in synergy with top-tier ESG consulting firms, brings a holistic approach to ESG reporting. Our combined expertise in innovative technology and strategic guidance ensures refined, comprehensive ESG strategies.

Advisory Partner Role

Our ESG consulting partners provide essential expertise, enhancing your ESG reporting strategies with informed insights and guidance.

Adastra’s Technological Leadership

We lead with advanced digital solutions, focusing on robust digitalization services to streamline your ESG reporting process.

Synergistic Excellence

Adastra and our advisory partners collaborate to deliver a unique blend of technological innovation and strategic acumen, ensuring your business is equipped with the tools and insights for effective and sustainable ESG management.

Master Your ESG Reporting Journey: Understand the Three Critical Phases

Embark on a strategic journey through the three essential phases of ESG reporting in your organization. This process is crucial for aligning your business practices with evolving sustainability and governance standards, ultimately driving responsible growth and long-term value.

Building an ESG Strategy from the Ground Up

Situation: The client lacks an ESG strategy and is starting from zero.

Solution: Adastra offers advisory services to establish a foundational ESG strategy tailored to the client’s needs.

Enhancing ESG Data Collection and Reporting

Situation: The client has an ESG strategy but requires assistance in the ongoing collection, consolidation, and visualization of ESG data.

Solution: Adastra facilitates the setup of a data platform to streamline the continuous monitoring and reporting of ESG metrics, ensuring that the data aligns with established evaluation tools.

Reducing ESG Impact with Advanced Technologies

Situation: The client is seeking ways to minimize their ESG impact effectively.

Solution: Adastra employs data-driven solutions that include:

  • IoT Integration: To address issues of incomplete or low-quality data from third-party sources, Adastra integrates IoT sensors to provide accurate, detailed, and real-time data.
  • AI Optimization: Adastra leverages AI to refine reporting, help meet ESG targets, and uncover opportunities for optimization, prediction, and automation of processes.

Elevate Your Approach: The Three Levels of Continuous ESG Data Collection

Explore how continuous ESG data collection can transform your business, navigating through three levels of cooperation. This structured approach enables you to effectively gather, analyze, and utilize ESG data, fostering informed decision-making and sustainable business practices.


Level 1

  • Data collection
  • Data entry control
  • Data and activity logging for audit purposes
  • Data collection from value chain
  • Supplier chain mapping & readiness check for ESG data points
  • Consulting services


Level 2

  • Building data model
  • Data consolidation (paper-based, PDF, XLSX, … into one into one database)
  • Automatic data collection (different data sources integration into one database)
  • Data visualization and dashboards


Level 3

  • Selection of the tool which fits the best to customer
  • The tool implementation and set up
  • Data sources mapping and their connectivity with the tool
Ask for a demo to see our collaborative approach in action and take the first step towards enhanced ESG reporting.

Boosting ESG Reporting Efficiency: Adastra's Specialization in Elevating Third-Party Tools for Targeted KPI Achievement

Unlock the full potential of your ESG reporting with Adastra's specialized proficiency in third-party tools. Partner with us to transform data insights into actionable strategies, driving measurable impact and success in your sustainability goals.

Functionality and Features

Versatile Metrics Tracking: Our tool supports all essential ESG metrics based on data availability, with the flexibility to capture unique company-specific data points.

Automated & Manual Data Collection: Effortlessly gather data from multiple sources, complemented by a manual input option when necessary.

Seamless System Integration: Designed for easy integration with your existing systems, enhancing data flow without disruptions.

Data Security and Privacy

Robust Data Protection: We adhere to your security policies, ensuring GDPR compliance and other data protection regulations.

Controlled Data Access: Manage your data securely with controlled access and encryption capabilities.

Scalability and Integration

Growth-Ready Solution: Our scalable solution grows with your data needs, offering APIs for diverse system connectivity.

Smooth Ecosystem Integration: Connect with various platforms seamlessly, enhancing your data management ecosystem.

Reporting and Analytics

Custom Reporting: Generate tailored reports with ease, meeting regulatory requirements.

Insightful Analytics: Dive deep into your data with advanced analytics for meaningful interpretations.

User Experience and Training

Intuitive Interface: Navigate with ease through a user-friendly interface.

Comprehensive Support: Benefit from our thorough training and support for optimal tool utilization.

Support and Maintenance

Reliable Technical Support: Access our extensive support for any technical queries.

Continuous Updates & Maintenance: Stay current with regular updates and dedicated support for any bugs or issues.

Regulatory Compliance

Up-to-Date Standards: Regular updates ensure compliance with the latest ESG reporting standards and diverse regulatory frameworks.

Flexibility and Customization

Adaptive Design: Easily adjust to changes in your ESG strategies or reporting requirements.

Data Backup

Secure Cloud Storage: Your data is continuously backed up in the cloud, with additional backup options available

Success stories of our clients

Škoda Auto: In the first year of implementation, we saved 400 containers

Thanks to the OPTIKON solution developed in collaboration with Blindspot Solutions, a member of the Adastra Group, Škoda Auto’s logistics center can dispatch containers even more efficiently, saving costs and the environment. The investment in this artificial intelligence-driven solution paid off for the automaker within just six months of usage.

With the OPTIKON, the company knows how to optimize container load within a minute at the latest, conserving resources and avoiding the transportation of empty space.

“In the first year of its implementation, the OPTIKON saved a total of 300 containers that we didn’t need to ship. This represents 7 fully loaded train sets and 160 tons of CO2 that didn’t get released into the air,” specifies Jakub Novák, Specialist of Logistics System Support at Škoda Auto.

Continental Barum: Our intermediate storage transportation costs have decreased by tens of percent

Continental Barum, a tire manufacturer based in the Czech Republic, produces over twenty million tires annually. Given the substantial volume, the manufacturer aimed to minimize intermediate storage transportation. This transportation was often necessary to collect all the ordered tires for specific shipments.

We analyzed historical data (orders, shipments, routes) and developed a new intelligent tire distribution algorithm and a web application. The smart application suggests where to store the manufactured tires to minimize future transportation needs between warehouses.

As a result, it’s possible to directly ship more orders from a single warehouse. Intermediate storage transportation has been minimized, leading to significant reductions of tens of percent in intermediate storage transportation costs.

Digitalization of ESG data is the future. Companies will save money and emissions

The majority of companies soon to be affected by mandatory ESG reporting lack knowledge about how to tackle it – they lack the know-how to digitize sustainability-related data and make it accessible to their customers while visualizing it in real-time. Consulting firms can indeed help them gather and collect data and maybe even calculate their carbon footprint. However, they do it once a year and no longer work with the data afterward.

  • What is the current level of ESG literacy in Czech companies?
  • What percentage of them is not collecting ESG data at all?
  • How can digitization and the involvement of technologies like AI or IoT save dozens of tons of CO2 annually?
  • And what could the ideal future of working with ESG data look like?

Radim Petratur, ESG Leader at Adastra, answers these questions in the article.

Read the article


Our case studies

How ŠKODA AUTO maximizes the loading capacity of shipping containers and saves 160 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year

ŠKODA AUTO is constantly improving its products and customer services. It does not lag even with increasing efficiency and optimizing processes, including those in and outside production halls.

Every week, the car manufacturer despatches around two thousand pallets full of components and materials.

Optimization algorithms packaged in the OPTIKON application, created in collaboration with Blindspot.AI, a member of the Adastra Group, help with sea container space utilization and efficient pallet handling and arrangement in container space.

to calculate the right pallet combination

time for testing and PoC phase

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