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Data replication couldn’t be more intuitive. Need a proof? Test how our latest Adoki data replication tool works in practice.

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Request a demo of Adoki, a data replication tool developed by Adastra

Test out how you would work with Adoki, what it can do and how easy it makes data transfers.

You do not need any specific SW to use the demo, and you do not need to install it: it runs in a regular web browser. We will send you access credentials for our cloud environment and you can start testing easily.

If you have any questions about Adoki, do not hesitate to write to us; we will be happy to assist.

  • Set up individual data transfers and replication methods by yourself
  • Familiarize yourself with pre-prepared scenarios
  • Browse the catalog of supported technologies
  • aView all the details of comprehensive data-transmission monitoring
  • Verify that the input data is the same as the output

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