Automate the categorization of bank transactions. You can track spending and revenue analysis for individual clients and segments. With 99% accuracy and over 2 million transactions per day.

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Automate transaction categorisation in mobile or e-banking

End-to-End solution

  • Resolve a single structure for all category types.
  • Define a detailed category tree.
  • Establish conventions for adding categories to the tree.
  • Get a uniform review process before adding new categories to production.
  • You start using templates for writing categorization modules, so that internal team members don’t need to know the application programming language.
  • Provide overall orchestration and monitoring of the application in batch and real-time operation.

Assigning logos to bank transactions

Clear categories, clarity and unique ability to visualize merchant logos. Not only these features of Categoo are appreciated by banks and their customers.

Card transactions

Non-card transactions

Using Categoo, various bank departments and clients can request and view data easily


Retail/Corporate banking enhance their financial advisory

  • view reports and aggregated data for specified customer segments
  • refine financial advice – the outputs inform banking advisors as well as automated advice to clients

Marketing launches highly personalized communication

  • create specific campaigns tailored to each particular client based on precise knowledge of their habits, interests, favorite communication channels, and other preferences

Banking clients are given an immediate, clearly understandable overview

  • gain an immediate and accurate overview of their income and expenses
  • can adjust their spending and investment portfolio (on their own or together with their bank’s financial advisors)
  • increase their financial literacy and stability
  • can create and manage their own categories, including setting rules and defining their own personalized categorization structure

Operations start to automate categorization

  • view categories in mobile and online banking
  • enable customized client categorization
  • display results in the banking advisors’ app

In one of the TOP 5 Czech banks Categoo has achieved the following results:


Banks can gain more insight into their clients’ financial behavior. Thanks to better information, they can make their communication more targeted, relevant and personalized.


Clients can monitor and analyze their income and expenses down to the detail of sales points. They gain a comprehensive overview of how much money they are spending and in which category.

98,5 %

the application automatically categorizes to 98.5% of card operations

2,1 mil.

the application processes transactions per day and assigns them to categories

40 %

the bank’s application increased the accuracy of categorization for card transactions by 40% compared to the original solution

Case studies

Equa Bank clients were fully migrated to Raiffeisenbank in 12 hours

When Equa Bank was being mergedintoRaiffeisenbank in November 2022, we handled the migration of Equa Bank’s client data into Raiffeisenbank’s CRM system. We also ensured the client master data was propagated to the bank’s core systems.  

hours instead of 3 weeks – shorter live migration thanks to 10 months of testing and agile development

subjects to migrate

people - each with 200 attributes, added to Raiffeisenbank’s client base after the acquisition of Equa Bank

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