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Up to half of the companies lack rules for working with data. Yet the crossover of data with corporate strategy is absolutely essential for the safe and smooth operation of the company.

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Data and corporate strategy are essential for the smooth operation of the company

…and it doesn’t pay to underestimate it

Data Governance – the planning, oversight and control over the management and use of corporate data – is a long-term, iterative process. We provide you with a comprehensive view of data and data governance.

  • We combine the areas of Data Governance and Data Quality into one.
  • We enable rapid implementation of best practices, concepts and supporting tools
  • We regularly review your existing Data Governance to find steps for improvement

Do you recognise yourself in our clients’ reasons for getting into Data Governance?

  • You don’t trust the numbers in your reporting because you don’t know where the data is coming from and what data it is?
  • Does the sales, marketing and finance departments understand the product differently?
  • Can you clearly identify your customer?
  • You don’t have unified dials and don’t know who is responsible for setting them up and keeping them up to date
  • Do you have so much data, in so many different places, that you don’t even know where exactly they are?
  • Do you know the potential of your data, but feel like you can’t use it in your company?

44 %

of companies have no formal data management policies


of them are not considering Data Governance in the next few years

"We don't have the data"

Almost every sales, marketing, and finance director has heard this response from IT department. Until they put the data in order. Take a look at our clients' old practices. Maybe you will recognize your company too in those examples.

If it is not clear who consumes the data in the company and who is responsible for its quality and management, it is useless

  • Together, we will set up responsibilities for their management, accountabilities across the organization, access for authorized data consumers and – last but not least – auditability of the entire data management process.
  • Most importantly, we will gain an accurate view of who really needs quality data and therefore has the greatest interest in improving its quality.
  • New roles will also emerge during the analysis process, such as a data steward who will enforce Data Governance policies and processes.
  • The final key factor for a successful and long-lasting process setup is management support. Users and IT staff alone, along with the platform, are not sufficient for this role.
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Data Quality Fabric by Ataccama

Data Quality Fabric technology designs use or reuse existing data integrations and combine different styles of data integration. In addition, they are able to leverage the capabilities, skills and technologies of current data centers, Data Lakes and data warehouses while introducing new approaches and tools.

When implementing Data Governance, we strive to eliminate unnecessary bureaucracy and instead enable the metadata defined and collected to be both practical and usable. In doing so, we use the proven tools of the Ataccama ONE platform, whose holistic approach to this issue is regularly recognized by Gartner in their Magic Quadrants in the areas of Data Quality and Master Data Management.

The comprehensive open approach to data used within the Ataccama ONE platform goes hand in hand with the newly named trends. The platform can thus be considered as a representative of an innovative approach to data management – the so-called Data Quality Fabric.

According to the latest “Gartner Top 10 Data and Analytics Trends for 2021” Data Quality Fabric

30 %

reduction of deployment time

70 %

shorter maintenance

30 %

shorter time required for data integration

We address data quality

We also focus on data quality – codebooks, rules for automated data cleansing, master and reference data, data catalogs, metadata, and much more. If only because we were present when data and data warehouses were born, we still consider data storage, processing, analysis, reporting, and how best to utilize them key to growing our customers’ businesses.


Data quality

  • Data profiling
  • Data cleaning and transformation
  • Automated data quality rules
  • Data quality measurement and monitoring

Master Data Management (MDM)

  • Gold or Master record
  • Reference data
  • Dictionaries
  • Data catalogues


  • Definition of business terms and relationships between them
  • Data owners and data stewards
  • Data policies

It's time to implement Data Governance

Data Governance is the set of policies and processes put in place by organisations to ensure the availability, quality and security of data for its consumers. Just because you collect data does not mean that the data is usable and accessible. In addition, data environments in organizations are often complex. Without the right processes, automated controls and specialized tools it can be difficult and time-consuming to understand the state of the data and continue to work with it effectively.

We are competent in a variety of software tools for Data Governance

Most often, we design and deliver solutions based on proven technologies from the Czech company Ataccama, which has maintained a high rating in the Magic Quadrants compiled by Gartner (in both MDM and data quality) for several years. But we also know other major players.


We succeed in many Data Governance projects

We will help you with the preparation of the methodology, process setup, risk management, custom design and implementation of Data Governance tools. All with a high level of automation. We will guide you through the entire process, suggest the most appropriate procedures and help you to translate the new approach into your organization’s existing processes.

Start managing your data so it doesn't manage you

If you don’t then the data controls you and your business. And if the data is of poor quality, the business will easily be subject to risk factors.

Let's start with Data Governance Assessment

Using the 4P methodology in combination with the DAMA DMBOK methodology, we will prepare an AS-IS assessment based on which we will set up TO-BE processes. The result is a roadmap on how to optimally implement Data Governance for a specific customer. We often work in this way with customers who already have Data Governance set up in some way and also use one of the Data Governance software tools. But even so, Data Governance does not work. The cause is not the tool itself, but the processes, people, procedures.

Case studies

Equa Bank clients were fully migrated to Raiffeisenbank in 12 hours

When Equa Bank was being mergedintoRaiffeisenbank in November 2022, we handled the migration of Equa Bank’s client data into Raiffeisenbank’s CRM system. We also ensured the client master data was propagated to the bank’s core systems.  

hours instead of 3 weeks – shorter live migration thanks to 10 months of testing and agile development

subjects to migrate

people - each with 200 attributes, added to Raiffeisenbank’s client base after the acquisition of Equa Bank

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