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With the help of advanced analytics, machine learning, and AI, you secure the most valuable thing you have – your business data. Organized, fast, and efficient.

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DWH from Adastra

Our DWH architecture always follows the latest trends and provides understandable information to different user groups for different purposes. It allows them regular reporting as well as flexible ad-hoc reporting and analysis. It leverages the knowledge and experience from many data warehousing projects in different organizations. Last but not least, it helps companies to train their own DWH experts who will take care of the effective use of the delivered solution.

Our DWH solution includes

    • Data integration – we ensure the collection and consolidation of data from different data sources.
    • Data storage – we will set up the optimal storage of the necessary data and its use.
    • Metadata repository – we link data information for more efficient use.

Above the DWH itself, you can build two more layers

      • Business Intelligence – used to analyse data and create reports. It also enables data visualization, self-service
      • Business Intelligence, performance measurement, mobile Business Intelligence, predictive analytics, data mining and more.
      • Applications – you can use for example for campaign management, fraud detection, risk management, enforcement, application approval, etc.

Latest trends in DWH

Adastra’s core DWH components are independent of specific technologies

        • The technology and architecture of big data is becoming a mainstream alternative to traditional databases when it comes to the use of Business Intelligence.


        • The technology of using natural language and streaming data is growing significantly and transforming the market.


        • Most organizations are gradually moving all critical data and applications to the cloud.

59 %

of companies used Big Data in 2018 (up from just 17% in 2015)

50 %

shorter is the retrieval time for goods data in IKEA after the introduction of the new data


takes employees to track receipts in three different systems – previously it was minutes

Case studies

Equa Bank clients were fully migrated to Raiffeisenbank in 12 hours

When Equa Bank was being mergedintoRaiffeisenbank in November 2022, we handled the migration of Equa Bank’s client data into Raiffeisenbank’s CRM system. We also ensured the client master data was propagated to the bank’s core systems.  

hours instead of 3 weeks – shorter live migration thanks to 10 months of testing and agile development

subjects to migrate

people - each with 200 attributes, added to Raiffeisenbank’s client base after the acquisition of Equa Bank

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Automatic categorization for 98.5% of card transactions

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Just-in-time loan offers: a 10x higher conversion rate

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