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Welcome to the cutting-edge Data Migration Engine, a revolutionary solution brought to you by Adastra. With our Data Migration Engine, the merger and aquisition project has never been easier, ensuring seamless migration of critical data and processes to propel your institution into the future of banking.

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Data Migration Engine is applicable within any M&A process and enriched with frameworks and tools for data cleansing, consolidation and transformations.

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Why to use Data Migration Engine

Data Migration Engine empowers financial institutions to smoothly migrate vast amounts of critical data from legacy systems to modern, agile platforms. With unparalleled precision, your institution can now eliminate the complexities and risks associated with traditional migration processes.

Point to point data migration

Typical approach when replacing one system for another with the same functionality and features. This approach becomes less and less suitable in the complex, feature-decentralized architectures, typical in an up to date companies.

Data migration using Adastra Data Migration Engine

Benefits of having Data Migration Engine „in the middle“:

  • Heavy transformation logic centralizedi n one place
  • Transparency of the migration process
  • Auditability of the migration process and data
  • Increased flexibility (ability to change during project) ) in a very quick manner
  • Migration Tests automation with:
    • Easy data subsets definitions in a complex data structures in source and target
    • Anonymization rules application for various test environments security-level setups
  • Single place of „responsibility“
  • Support for Migration Reconciliation

Best-practice migration concepts and accelerators concentrated in one engine

Migration Engine is a database enriched with frameworks and tools for data cleansing, consolidation , transformations and reconciliation.

Unlocking the Power of Data Migration Engine

Key Capabilities

Data Import

  • Predefined most common data formats import / easy to manage the import of the data in various formats

Data Preparation

  • Data consolidation, data quality checks and data cleansing techniques built in the engine

Data Treatment

  • Multi format and multi source / target data treatment techniques embedded

Data Transformation

  • Easy to build and maintain transparent transformation logic

Data Export

  • Ability to export various data formats, bulk data exports in file format, api calls and management of the responses

Migration Execution

  • Support fo the processing of the large scale data sets in a timely manner

Testing and evaluation

  • Support for the data migration testing in various approaches

Data Migration Reconciliation

  • Multi format and multi source / target data treatment techniques embedded
  • Various reconciliation methods supported / ready to load target data for comparisons / various formats of the reports available.

UBB / KBC merger

18 months

Started with comprehensive migration strategy definition, defining the 4 phases approach for 18 months journey

100 +

source data imports used in phase 1 migration

400k + 

customers and more than 600k accounts migrated in phase 1 with 100% success rate

Experience the Data Migration Engine Difference

Unlock your institution's true potential with the Data Migration Engine. Embrace a future of seamless financial transformation, supported by cutting-edge technology and expert guidance from Data Migration Engine.

Streamlined Operations

Say goodbye to outdated and cumbersome procedures. The Adastra Migration Engine optimizes and simplifies every step of the migration journey, enabling your institution to operate at maximum efficiency while minimizing disruption.

Unrivaled Security

Safeguarding your customers’ data is our top priority. Adastra employs robust security measures that surpass industry standards, ensuring that your valuable data remains protected throughout the migration process.

Accelerated Innovation

By seamlessly integrating Adastra into your infrastructure, you open the doors to innovation and rapid product development. Experience unparalleled agility as you introduce new features and services, staying ahead of the competition.

Compliance Excellence

With Adastra Migration Engine, regulatory compliance becomes a seamless part of your migration process. Our solution adheres strictly to financial regulations and reporting requirements, mitigating compliance risks effectively.

Tailored Solutions

Our team of experts collaborates closely with yours to design tailored migration strategies that align with your specific business needs. Adastra ensures a bespoke migration experience, tailored to your institution’s unique requirements.

Why Choose Adastra Migration Engine?

Adastra bring decades of combined experience in financial technology and consulting. Data Migration Engine is the result of cutting-edge research and innovation, making it the optimal choice for your migration needs.

Numerous financial institutions have already embraced the power of Data Migration Engine, successfully executing complex migrations with exceptional outcomes. Join the ranks of those who have achieved seamless transformation with the Data Migration Engine.

Adastra is designed to adapt and evolve with your institution’s changing needs. As the financial landscape advances, you can trust that Adastra will continue to be at the forefront of innovation, ensuring your systems remain ahead of the curve.

“The transition of core banking systems is often challenging for banks. We are delighted that Adastra’s team of expert consultants were able to support the entire data migration lifecycle, their commitment to the task has made a hugely positive impact for all stakeholders.”
Jan De Breackeleer, General Manager Core Transformation Office

Case studies

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