Adalytics. True omnichannel communication. Analyze your customers’ digital footprint to create event-based, personalized campaigns.

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Key Benefits

Key Benefit

Omni-channel orchestration lowering the acquisition costs

Key Benefit

Personalization of all outgoing campaigns for higher conversion rate

Key Benefit

Advanced analytics and segmentation letting you decide on data

Key Benefit

Web personalization, optimization, and A/B testing increasing the conversions

Customer Data in real-time

You can bring relevant communication and value to every single customer. Imagine that every e-mail and banner would present important information about products and services you want, at the optimal time. Adalytics, the OEM version of Exponea Customer Data & Experience Platform (CDXP), collects customer digital footprint across channels and devices, pair these interactions using cookies and other visitors/customer attributes so you can create thousands of personalized campaigns with several clicks.

Omnichannel orchestration of online and offline channels

After having interaction data in the platform, further real-time analytics and visitors retargeting is executed on-line using communication channels and overall campaign management eco-system. The platform offers the possibility to see a customer from all angles that bring higher precision in customer targeting. Automation means your marketers can focus on the content, and not the execution of the campaigns.

Customer experience platform

Customer experience is at the center of today's ecommerce marketing. When you are bringing visitors to your website with omnichannel campaigns, you should fine-tune your online presence, too. Website optimization, product recommendation, and real-time customer predictions convert your visitors into loyal customers.

Client Case-Study

Maximizing the potential of the bank´s public website

One of the leading banks in CEE had a product page where the customers could calculate the value of loan repayment. But the bank couldn't determine the identity of visitors of their website and therefore was losing a large amount of potential business.

With Adalytics, the bank can monitor any interaction on the web and assign them to specific customers, send data to the call center in real-time, personalize the website based on internal data and user behavior, create a relevant call to action. The conversion rate on the mortgage, loans, and credit card products was 2,5-fold higher when compared with the control group.

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