Adoki: Automatically synchronizes data between various systems, cloud and on-prem. Control all your data transfers from one place. Effectively. Securely.

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Key Benefits

Key Benefit

Keeps the same data everywhere, whether you use on-premises data platforms or the cloud

Key Benefit

Ensures permanently consistent data structures and a minimal impact on your IT infrastructure

Key Benefit

From one place a single person only can manage thousands of data transfers

Key Benefit

Well priced for automatic synchronization and increasing productivity

Manage your data transfers, efficiently

If you wish to utilize your data, it needs to be up-to-date. Adoki is a central hub that manages and monitors data transfers to and from any data platform (on-premises or in the cloud). It centralizes data management from primary applications, enterprise data warehouses, cloud services and Hadoop platforms. Just one person and one tool only can manage all your data transfers. Allow your data specialists to analyze data.

Get data ready for advanced tasks

In case you require to manage data for hybrid data lakes, cloud solutions, or optimized workloads across platforms. Adoki is the answer. It manages data transfers, synchronizes, or anonymizes data, Adoki scales up to thousands of sources and targets. It offers a quick and easy set up with an intuitive GUI, eliminating the need for manual coding. Thanks to its modular architecture, Adoki needs only a short time for its deployment.

Transfer, replicate, offload

Adoki transfers data – quickly, effectively, and securely. It replicates huge numbers of objects in a minimal amount of time. Manages everything automatically from one place. The data transfers are automatically optimized to achieve the highest possible computing power. Adoki operates relational databases, Big Data platforms, clouds, and messaging communication.

Client Case-Study

Data replication in major Czech bank

One of the top banks in the Czech Republic needed to automatically move huge quantities of data between the data warehouse and Big Data platform. Adoki was deployed to cover all offloads between many platforms, including primary applications and other databases (Teradata, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL Server). Adoki maintains consistency in complex data structures all the time and saves time, effort, and resources in the company that needs data in multiple locations across platforms. Data transfers are automatically synchronized, scheduled, and monitored without failures.

A single person can manage 5,000 data transfers. The bank doesn’t need a team of specialists anymore.

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