AmetIO: Supercharge your digital campaigns with personalized videos. Use data and AI to power your marketing.

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Key Benefits

Key Benefit

Personalized videos have several times higher conversion rate when compared to standard videos

Key Benefit

Retention, thanks to personalized promotions

Key Benefit

Higher acquisition rate, thanks to tailored services

Key Benefit

Explainer videos highlight product features customized for customer

Personalization gives your marketing a big push

AmetIO offers you a way to create enhanced multimedia content, powered by artificial intelligence and data, so you can communicate with your customer smartly. From simply adding a name to optimized deals, based on shopping habits or personalized video. Personalization can be used throughout the entire customer journey, from acquisition, onboarding, and sales, to customer care and retention. Personalization raises conversion 6x and is responsible for a 19% sales uplift.

Video for incredible conversion rates

Don’t underestimate the power of video to capture the attention of your customers. You can highlight special product features and unique offerings through explainer videos. Compared to other types of content, videos offer 80% higher conversion and 68% higher retention rates, brand recall, and are correlated with sales.

Personalized video

Personalization plus video equals hitting the performance marketing jackpot, with twice the engagement, 4x brand recall, and 5x CTR. Conversion of the personalized CTA can increase up to 42% and retention up to 35% when the content is personalized.

Client Case-Study


Increased acquisition rate by 300%

T-Mobile CZ was looking for a way to improve the effectiveness of its e-mail communication to customers. The first marketing campaign with AmetIO resulted in 4 times its regular rate of acquisition. The personalized videos will continue to be part of its marketing communication strategy moving forward.


T-Mobile gained 4 times its regular acquisition rate for e-mails with personalized communication.

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100,000 videos
500,000 videos
1,000,000 videos
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per Campaign
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Video Production Option: $10,000 - $15,000

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