AR navigation: A mobile app with Augmented reality; enable your visitors and customers to comfortably navigate your stores or buildings.

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Key Benefits

Key Benefit

Sales boost, thanks to promotions and pop-up windows with special offers

Key Benefit

Timesaving for clients, as they can find their destination more conveniently

Key Benefit

More effective back-office – the app saves receptionists’ time and effort

Key Benefit

Brand awareness and recognition, because of the innovative and eye-catching tool

Visitors find their host with AR

"Where is the meeting room? Two stairs up, left, slightly right, stairs up and at the end of the second corridor." There is a better way to navigate your visitors in your building. The visitor simply downloads the app, sets their desired location, and follow the signs. With an intuitive app employing augmented reality, they easily and quickly find their destination, enhancing their relationship with your company.

No more asking for the right aisle

Instead of wandering around your department store, your customers will find the correct aisle or point of sale, conveniently. Not only does this application save their time, but it also provides them with helpful tips, such as information about promotions while navigating. This cutting-edge technology will therefore boost your brand reputation, as well as increase user engagement and interaction.

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