AR scanner: App with Augmented reality provides real-time information about merchandise. Your customers can shop comfortably, and employees review the stock faster.

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Key Benefits

Key Benefit

Provides you with real-time information and accurate data about products

Key Benefit

Innovative and cutting-edge, Augmented-reality technology enhances your brand

Key Benefit

Saves time and money — all necessary information, with a single tap on the screen

Key Benefit

Deployed as a customer app, it lets them find all information, instead of asking a salesperson

Get real-time data about merchandise

The app is built for back-office employees to save time and increase their efficiency. They no longer have to carry paper and manually look for the correct product; they can simply scan shelves as they go through the aisle with their mobile device.

Save precious time

Your staff can scan barcodes of multiple products simultaneously, to save time and money. An AR window pops up displaying information, such as price, product details, stock availability, validity of the product code, etc.

Let customers find the information by themselves

How many times a day are your employees answering questions about your goods? The app can be also used by customers, so they can enjoy an effortless shopping experience, obtaining information about merchandise with an AR scanner, without need to ask employees for advice.

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