Dashboardio: Have KPIs at your fingertips. Consolidate outputs from your systems in a single mobile reporting platform.

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Key Benefits

Key Benefit

Data-driven decision-making, thanks to an overview of the most important metrics

Key Benefit

Easy access to your real-time data, with a mobile app

Key Benefit

Customizable, to retain your company’s data hierarchy

Key Benefit

Affordable, with no license fees and low maintenance

Consolidate all your reports in one application

Are data from your various systems in different places, in different stages of usefulness, or do you have them handy at every moment, to help you make decisions? Companies use a variety of tools in their daily operations, which usually do not have a single mobile output. Dashboardio allows you to consolidate the outputs from each system and have your data and reports easily accessible from a single access point. In real time. With a focused interface and a customizable dashboard, providing information relevant to the needs of individual managers.

Single, easy access to your BI data

Dashboard Customization, displays information relevant to the needs of individual managers. Users can select metrics and KPIs of interest and have them always available.

Dashboardio can integrate with your existing Single Sign-On solution and thus allow for effective user management – authenticate users by means of existing credentials, manage them using existing processes, and use pre-existing user groups and roles with Dashboardio.

Real-time data, in a focused interface

Your data is shown as soon as it is available, and users will always have the latest information to act upon. We have equipped Dasboardio with a focused Interface, so the information is shown in an comprehensible format, focused on specific use cases. You thus gain quick insight without being overwhelmed by unnecessarily complex reports. Dashboardio is cloud-friendly, flexible thanks to easy integrations, and bears no licensing fees.

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