Digital onboarding: Enable your clients to open accounts online.
Replace lengthy visits to a branch with a convenient self-service technology for drawing up contracts.

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Key Benefits

Key Benefit

Efficiently converting channel: 3x better conversion rate for a financial institution

Key Benefit

Saving costs and time: Time to approve an application shot down to 1 minute, instead of 1 hour

Key Benefit

Supporting automation and scalability: 36% automatically approved requests

Key Benefit

Marketing channel in your clients’ pocket: 300% more efficient cross-sell within the app

Better user experience for your clients

Nobody enjoys waiting at the branch and dealing with contractual issues with a teller. Your clients can simply download an app or visit a dedicated website, supply all the details including a photo, and provide an identity document. Within this online channel, at their own pace, the clients can apply for a loan, open an account, or draw up any contract, thus improving their experience with your brand.

Reduce costs, save employee time

If you are a bank, financial institution, or energy or service provider, a dedicated website or a mobile app for digital onboarding will allow you to enter into contractual relationships with clients without the necessity of personal contact. This easy, convenient customer identification process saves your employees time on administration. The seamless customer experience, without hitches and downtime, will reduce your back-office costs and provide you with a new, highly converting marketing channel.

Customizable, to your needs

The website or the app is ready to suit your specific needs – just choose from 34 ready-made pages and 80 components, including an external data sources connector. We made it future-proof, with document validation, facial recognition, or one-time passwords. And all this with a lightning-fast implementation speed, with 3 months to build custom onboarding.

Client Case-Study

Digitalization of loans in China

One of the top financial institutions in China asked us to build a virtual credit card, so the whole loan process would be paperless, effective, and reliable. One part of the set of apps we created is an onboarding app: 60,000 sellers at the branches use it to sign contracts with new clients, with the app reading the identity documents and securely onboarding the customers. The whole loan approval process has only 5 simple steps, which on average takes a user 5 minutes to complete.


It takes only 5 minutes on the phone, instead of hours of paperwork to draw up a loan contract, open an account, close the service-provider contract, etc. with Digital Onboarding.

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