FinReCo: The automated solution for your financial reporting. Have 100% control over your data, prepare your monthly reporting automatically, in hours instead of days.

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Key Benefits

Key Benefit

Covering 80% of financial directors' data and reporting requirements

Key Benefit

Speeding up the regular reporting from days to hours

Key Benefit

Saving FTE of your controllers, who can analyze the data instead of gathering and consolidating them

Key Benefit

Transparent approval processes and full workflow automation

From Excel hell to fully automated solution

Financial directors and controllers of medium-sized and large corporations are spending days compiling data from a myriad of spreadsheets, ERP, and CRM. We have been there – and resolved this issue with our own solution. Meet FinReCo, a ready-to-use data warehouse with an additional layer for financial reporting and controlling. It streamlines and automates the management and statutory reporting, facilitates quick financial reporting and income statement generation.

Management reporting and KPIs in hours

FinReCo provides all the functionalities necessary for management reporting. You get consolidated data for financial reporting and controlling, uniform financial terminology, and transparent approval processes, including automated workflow and access rights management. Well-managed access to information and reports and clear data visualization facilitates FinReCo's everyday use.

Client Case-Study


A day instead of a week for monthly reporting

Using FinReCo, W.A.G. completes their monthly reporting in a single day, while previously it took a week or more. They use standardized naming for their business categories, know and control the course of individual processes, and are not dependent on their IT department.

Using FinReCo, the completion of monthly reporting is now 5 times faster.

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