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Banks and financial institutions have been digitizing their services for several years, with a primary focus on online banking. However, these initiatives have lagged behind fintech start-ups; this may be due to lengthy approval processes or to the complexity of deploying new digital/fintech products within the existing systems of a bank or financial institution

Studies show that people trust big technology companies such as Google, Amazon and Apple, and are willing to transfer their financial lives to them. Don't let your clients go elsewhere. Start the revolution with us: together we combine your financial services with the latest technologies and elevate you to the standard of the most progressive fintech companies.

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Why choose Adastra to digitalize finance

  • We offer an end-to-end partnership for your digital transformation, from strategy to implementation and support
  • Our combination of business and IT experts can provide you a strategy where technical solutions go hand in hand with business objectives.
  • We have 20+ years of hands-on practical experience in using data and technologies as the driver for business growth

We help our clients succeed


minutes to onboard customers, instead of hours


minutes to open an account or approve a loan


annual increase in customer base


decrease in paper use across the whole company

Why choose Adastra for your finances project

Step by step, we will digitalize your current processes and modernize your applications and systems. We focus on conceptual improvements of your technologies, so as to benefit your business. We know how to design tailored solutions that support new services and innovate new approaches. We prepare solutions that retain clients, increase their loyalty and ease your client interactions by increasing your understanding of their needs.

Build a data-first bank

From effective data lakes setup to the outsourcing of IT experts and building of a data-based culture... your bank success is correlated with its data maturity.

Digitize and automate your processes

The digitization and automation of all internal and external processes will fundamentally change the functioning of banks and financial institutions. Everything will be transparent and efficient, and use omnichannel communications to increase speed and reduce unnecessary paperwork.

Use data to gain competitive advantage

IT systems and innovative approaches such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and voice or text analysis will play a major role in the ongoing transformation of financial institutions.

Gain and keep your clients

Don't lose your clients to the competition – start now with our series of steps.


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