The manufacturing sector has for several years been undergoing a major digital transformation. Digitalization is critically important for increasing company efficiency and maintaining competitiveness. This process is not limited to production, but also includes all related processes whether internal or external to the company. In addition to issues that pertain to traditional manufacturing such as preventing machine and production line breakdowns, this digital transformation also focuses on the emerging issues of production efficiency and logistics, sustainability and environmental issues.

In this, manufacturing companies are investing ever more in information and communication technologies, and are beginning to realize that one of the most important activators of digitalization is data, or the "oil of the future." In large manufacturing companies, innovation and digitalization are leading the emergence of new processes, and a change approaches to management and company organization.

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Benefits we offer our clients


Increases in production and operations efficiency


Multi-scenario valuations


Data-based decisions-making


Real-time business information

Why choose Adastra for manufacturing

  • We offer end-to-end partnership on your digital transformation journey from strategy to implementation and support.
  • Our combination of business and IT experts provides you a strategy in which technical solutions go hand in hand with business goals.
  • We have over 20 years of hands-on experience in using data to drive business growth.

I need to improve the efficiency of my internal operations to better manage my business and improve revenue

We help you collect and present data in an intuitive way allowing you to make data-based decisions in real-time across every part of your organization. Data enables you to make predictions and evaluate multiple scenarios, and diminish biases and business failures.

I need a more resilient supply chain and improved production processes to strengthen my market position

We help you receive all inputs at the right time, so as to avoid production bottlenecks and machine breakdowns, which is the key to delivering consistent high value to the customer at a competitive price. Being informed of potential trouble before it arrives is an essential ingredient to reducing operational expenditures and creating a financially stable operation.

I need a real-time overview of my customers

Knowing your customers and understanding their needs is crucial to delivering high value products. We help you glean insights from the customers’ journey, drawing from trends in customer behavior and sales. By actively seeking new opportunities and potential clients you can diversify demand and run a more stable business.


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