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The manufacturing sector has been undergoing a major digital transformation towards industry 4.0 standards. Digitalization is critically important for increasing company efficiency and maintaining competitiveness. This is not limited to production, but also includes all related processes whether internal or external to the company. In addition to issues that pertain to traditional manufacturing such as preventing machine and production line breakdowns, digital transformation also focuses on the emerging issues of production efficiency and logistics, as well as sustainability and environmental issues including CO2 optimization.

In this environment, manufacturing companies are investing more and more in information technology, and are beginning to realize that one of the most important activators of digitalization is data, which is the "oil of the future". In large manufacturing companies, innovation and digitalization are leading the emergence of new processes, and changing company approaches to management and organization.

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Why choose Adastra for manufacturing

  • We offer an end-to-end partnership for your journey of digital transformation journey. From strategy to implementation and support, we always look at business value first and select the technology and solution accordingly. We build no “castles in the air”, nor do we blindly push for technology without a strong assessment of business benefits.
  • Our combination of business and IT experts provides you a strategy in which technical solutions go hand in hand with business goals. 
  • We have over 20 years of hands-on experience in using data to drive business growth.
  • We are practical and down-to-earth, and wil not necessarily recommend large and pricy solutions, but will find suitable ways and workarounds that brings quick improvements at reasonable costs. 

Boost core manufacturing and logistics processes

In manufacturing and logistics, data is fast becoming a key player for proper management. We can help you enhance it, take it to the next level by collecting, processing and analyzing the right data, which then enables you to plan better, produce more efficiently, and at the end of the day bring larger financial profit. We will help you with finding the optimal choice in complicated manufacturing operations, we have experience at detecting line stops and other critical faults before they happen, we know how to measure in real-time the transport conditions of your expensive production components, and we can help make your paper processes paperless. These, and other similar solutions lie within the range of company digitalization.

Logistic optimization

Internet of Things

Anomaly detection

Paperless processes

Improve Sales, Finance, HR and other company processes

We can help you minimize the amount of repetitive manual work, and replace it with clever AI solutions. We can replace paper usage and convert your processes into a paperless digital form. We have significant experience with company planning for sales and finance, including tailor-made software development. These are only a few examples of our work. Generally speaking, we can help you automate your processes, speed them up, and utilize your data such that you can make better business decisions, and make them faster than ever before.  

Planning, budgeting, forecasting

Paperless processes


CO2 optimization

Move towards Industry 4.0 and become data-driven

By defining and executing clearly measurable steps in the areas of digitalization, AI, and advanced data analytics, we can help you make the financially profitable move towards industry 4.0 transformation. We will help you collect, analyze and interpret data in an intuitive way, which allows you to make data based decisions in real-time. Having better access to data enables you to make better predictions and to evaluate multiple scenarios, which diminishes biases and business failures. To reach this goal, we can help you redesign your IT architecture and top it up with tailor-made software.  

IT transformation & architecture

Advanced analytics & AI

Software & mobile apps custom development

Data science & big data

Data Warehouses

Connected Cars


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