• We are Adastra. Welcome onboard, women from Ukraine.

    Tech-savvy ladies from Ukraine, are you looking for a job in a technical field such as Data management? We will help you out!

At Adastra, we welcome and support ladies dedicated to tech by offering various job options also for mothers on maternity leave or women from different countries of the world. Our staff includes women from Czechia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Serbia, Romania, and other countries and they’re ready to help you with the new beginning. In the current situation, we would especially like to welcome tech-savvy ladies from Ukraine into our friendly and inclusive international team.

We will assist you in all these areas

Bureaucracy assistance

We will take care about all bureaucratic processes so that you have all legal papers in order and without unnecessary stress. 


If you are unable to arrange your own accommodation, our staff will help you. They can offer their places where you can live temporarily without any problems. If the capacity is full, we will explore other options together. 

Work and education

We are currently looking for women who understand Data Management and IT in general. We will upgrade your knowledge during various trainings and workshops, which we will provide. It doesn’t matter what you have studied, more important is the desire to learn and work with data. We will train you and teach you everything you will need for this job.


Every begining is difficult, but you don't need to be afraid of anything. We have employees from Ukraine working in Adastra, who will be happy to help you with the language barrier and in the new working environment. 

Meet us

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Andrii Holubov

Integration developer

I can help you with questions regarding programming, life in Slovakia, or anything else :) I am Ukrainian, but I live in Bratislava since 2015. I am happy to answer your questions online or face to face. Welcome to Bratislava. Welcome to Adastra.

Petronela Schniererová

HR & Marketing Manager

I am happy to assist you with bureaucratic obstacles, access to housing, and your fast-track establishment at Adastra. We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to the Adastra family.