High-level impact of the euro-conversion of the IT core systems and surrounding ecosystem? Easy job. Euro-conversion impacts everything. And everyone. Doing the detailed assessment and what needs to be re-implemented is definitely a more complex obstacle to overcome. One of the areas, which are facing the most extensive changes is reporting. And Data Warehouse, Operational Data Warehouses, Big Data lakes and Data Science enablers.



Lack of documentation and thus missing impact on BI ecosystem


Easy technical resolution with unclear business impact


Lack of the data for testing


Historical data and statistical continuity for Data Science and AI


Go-live date is set, but development plans change



Having gone through the exercise in several CEE countries, we learned what are the most typical challenges. And we also came up with a way, how to address these challenges. Download the article below.

Resolution: 5 most common challenges for BI/DWH ecosystem during Euro-conversion (482.9kb)

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