Metacroc: Develop your data warehouse without developers. Switch from a data analyst to a data platform developer.

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Key Benefits

Key Benefit

Waiting for data delivery is reduced from weeks and months to days

Key Benefit

Faster and business-oriented development, with a data analyst instead of developers

Key Benefit

Decreased risk of misunderstanding, because of reduction of information handover

Key Benefit

Data documentation is always up to date and a single mouse click away

MetaCroc: A new way of data engineering

Managers of data warehouses, BI, CDOs, or CIOs know very well that data integration is expensive, consuming time and resources. There is a better way to integrate data. Easily, rapidly, and scalably, with a tool that enables you to develop a Data warehouse without developers, so you can concentrate on gaining the business benefit of your data platform.

Data Warehouse without coding

Metacroc is available from everywhere, since it operates in a cloud. It offers metadata management for data objects, transformations, and workflows, and works with a wide range of technologies. It saves you human resources, since it enables you to easily switch from a data analyst to a data platform developer. Sectors that profit the most are typically banks, fintechs, insurers, loan companies, pharmas, utilities, or telecommunication companies.

Business-oriented development

Metacroc enables low-code development of your data platform. The platform is technology agnostic, and the documentation is created by default, saving your team precious hours of searching. It also supports data governance.

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