Omnichannel communication

“Integrate all your channels and enable the best experience for your client through consistent, contextual, personalized, and real-time communication.”

In today’s fast-paced world, every company and every client searches for the best and most effective ways to communicate with each other. Imagine you’re at the ATM, your debit card isn’t working, and you want to reach your bank. Or, you are working for a phone company, your client is running out of  mobile data, and you would like to offer them a new data package. Another situation could be you are browsing the website of your favorite fashion store and you are not sure about the availability of the product or the purchase process. Based on these standard situations you can already see how often you need help to solve something in your life. We are sure that there are many more situations and if you are interested in how we can help, please read more below.


of all customers admitted that they spend more money with a company based on excellent customer experience and consistent, transparent communication.

But what does that really mean? As a company you will have a range of clients, some younger clients might prefer a virtual channel while someone older and more experienced would prefer to speak to a person when dealing with more complicated situations. Despite the channel preference or your customer behavior, you would like to be available to your clients as soon as possible.

Key trends in customer journey automation


What is omnichannel communication and why is it so important?

Omnichannel communication, in this case, enables you as a company, to provide the customer with a relevant offer, at the right time, in any of your channels. However, customers expect a more personalized offer fitting exactly their needs.


of customers say that they use multiple channels to search for a product that has the best price, or the best discount and search for which brand has the best communication

How to get started?

Listen to your customers and monitor what they normally prefer. We at Adastra meet everyday clients, who have amazing solutions, however, information can be spread across various channels and do not provide one consistent picture. So, if you are not sure how to start or which channel to use, we are here to help you evaluate your strategy, your capabilities, and processes so we can propose the best solution fitting to your processes in a way that keeps up with modern technological advancements.

Communication platform and channels

Our clients are not limited to certain technology and there is not one unified solution which would solve every company’s problem. What is important though is that the current technology market offers a wide variety of communication platforms which can cover all possible channels that you might use. These platforms would be more than happy to become your partner and help you with your technical and business enablement.

Our recent partnership further enhances your options

Adastra has recently entered into a strong partnership with the most connected cloud communication platform – InfoBip. With over 700 direct operator connections across six continents, InfoBip is the number one choice to scale your customer communication over the world’s most popular channels including SMS, Email, Phone, WhatsApp, Viber, Messenger and many more.


direct operator connections across six continents.

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