Pepper: Wow your customers with a customer service robot

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Key Benefits

Key Benefit

Increase traffic and attract undivided attention, with wow effect

Key Benefit

An innovative channel in customer engagement, presenting your products and services in a high-tech light

Key Benefit

Brand differentiator – transform the customer experience to personalized service and achieve cross-functional needs

Key Benefit

Improve customer experience, raise brand awareness, and acquire information about your customers

Impress your customer with cutting-edge technology

How does everybody react when spotting a robot? Yes, they stop to admire him, ask him questions, and take a selfie. If you want to attract customers to your store or branch, the humanoid robot Pepper is on your side. He is designed to communicate naturally and intuitively through movements of his body and with a friendly voice. Pepper also recognizes human emotions and adapts his behavior accordingly.

Pepper talks business. Seriously.

You can find Pepper in banks, hotels, and at conferences. He usually greets customers, provides information, conducts surveys, or acts as a brand ambassador. Pepper can recommend your products, presenting relevant products and services according to customer preferences. He collects data and information and creates business opportunities. The robot also recognizes people through scanning IDs, facial features, etc., or can perform cognitive calculations and collect demographic data and emotions of clients.

And he also fun

Pepper is a companion who keeps everybody entertained. He’s ready to take a selfie, dance, or even tell jokes. His actions attract attention from his surroundings, and his proactivity encourages interaction. He can ask questions and respond to them. Pepper converses in real time and reacts promptly, both verbally and nonverbally.

Client Case-Study


Pepper greets, informs, and entertains guests

The Czech Orea hotel chain, wanted to modernize its hotels, from building renovations to hiring Pepper. The first humanoid task was to greet the guest and offer them information, such as advice on nearby restaurants or hotel services. Guests enjoy its presence and let him tell jokes or dance. The chain plans on transferring more of the transactional duties to him, including more complex tasks, including check-in, so the employees can offer more personalized services to guests.

13 Peppers were installed into the Orea hotel chain, to support staff in their routine duties.

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