15. 07. 2021

11 reasons why our customers choose FinReCo

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Want to get rid of “spreadsheet hell” and constant guessing about whether you understand KPIs (such as sales revenues from dedicated product or service) the same way as your colleague at a branch in another country? To have a clear idea of responsibilities for the closing process and its content, workflow, and deadlines? Are you considering acquiring a new system for financial reporting and controlling?

Many corporations, holdings, and companies with dozens of branches, subsidiaries, or affiliates in Europe and throughout the world have dealt with and are dealing with a similar situation. The customers of ours who rely on FinReCo also include us, the Adastra Group, a consulting and IT company that spans 8 different companies operating in 21 offices throughout the world.

Learn 11 reasons why they choose FinReCo

  1. Seamless integration with not only their ERP, but also with CRM, production system, billing, etc.
  2. Real-time reporting – accountants account, controllers validate, you report  
  3. A fully automated management income statement, (not only) including KPIs and their breakdown
  4. Automated cash-flow reports, ageing of receivables, financial instruments, detailed profitability
  5. Plans and forecasts are included in management reports
  6. Comprehensive and fast management of the reporting structure
  7. Controlled reporting processes, i.e. everyone knows when reporting opens, when they have to enter their inputs and how the integration went, and responsibility for data is clearly set
  8. Transparent inter-company transactions within the holding – they cancel each other out at the required levels and do not distort the holding company’s financial statements
  9. The use of standard reporting tools (on-premise or in the cloud); outputs are automatically exported to presentations and annual reports
  10. Numbers in reports are fixed/locked
  11. A single source of truth across the company – the same numbers but broken down differently for the purposes of financial management, business and marketing

Let us know if you’ve ended up in a similar situation to our customers. We will analyze it and discuss whether you also can draw benefits from FinReCo.

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