03. 01. 2023

Adastra's 2023 Data and Analytics Forecast

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The headline dominating the last part of 2022 was the continuous chatter about economic headwinds, if those headwinds were going to come and, if so, how strong. It is with this backdrop that we present what we believe to be the most important factors organizations need to consider, irrespective of the prevalence of economic headwinds.

Adastra surveyed IT decision-makers from medium and large-sized businesses to gain insights into what is important to them in the data and analytics space as we head into 2023.

Topics include: 

  • The biggest game changers in the data and analytics space
  • Cloud migration 
  • Talent supply and demand 
  • Organizations' spending in 2023
  • Organizations' views on the importance of data
  • And more

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With the new year, Adastra is looking back at some of past year’s key events and their impact, both on our lives and in data and analytics.

Read our blog to learn about the data and analytics highlights of the past year, as well as our predictions for 2023.

Adastra has conducted a proprietary study of data and analytics decision-makers in Canada and the United States. For more information on this study and additional comments, please see our press release here.