22. 02. 2021

ADOKI: Identical data on multiple analytical or data systems – automatic, in any data volume, efficient, fast, and secure!

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With the advent of digital processes, the importance of data and their storage and further processing or analysis increases. Companies' IT ecosystems are becoming ever more complex, and the amount of data that companies collect and analyse is growing. The number of systems where data is stored and the number of ways, how and where it is handled is increasing. All this results in a growing number of data transmissions taking place in companies' IT infrastructures.

Adoki solves data transfer problems

At Adastra we have been dealing with data for more than 20 years. Our customers frequently need to perform the following processes, both once and repeatedly:

  • transfer data from an original on-premises environment (system or application)
    • to the Cloud
    • into a new environment which is also built on-premises
    • or into hybrid data platforms
  • transfer data into a test environment
  • archive historical data on a different data platform than the one on which it is collected
  • archive historical data in a much longer / complete history
  • anonymise data for analytical tasks (e.g. without customer identification)
  • optimise and time individual data transfers in order to minimise the load on the organisation's IT infrastructure

Adoki, a replication tool developed by Adastra on open-source technologies, helps with these and other tasks. Adoki:

  • manages data transfers to and from any data platform from a single location
  • allows you to generate and scale data transmissions
  • places no limit on the number or size of transferred tables
  • works with all common data formats
  • provides consistent data schemas
  • can anonymise data
  • optimises data transfers in order to minimise platform load
  • provides statistics on the status and outcome of the transmission

Case study: In a large Czech bank, Adoki transmits over 5,000 tables per day

One of the most important banks in the Czech Republic needs to automatically move huge amounts of data between the data warehouse and the Big Data platform. It uses the Adoki replication tool, which manages and administers all data transfers between a large number of platforms, including primary applications and other databases (Teradata, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL Server), from a single location. Adoki ensures the consistency of complex data structures and saves time, effort and resources in companies that require data in multiple locations across different data platforms. Data transfers are automatically synchronised, scheduled and monitored. The bank and Adoki gained the certainty that data transfers run smoothly and are completed on time.

Fast, easy deployment

The implementation of Adoki does not require any additional investment in the company's hardware (when a Big Data platform is in place) and is completed within 4 weeks. Thanks to the intuitive graphical user interface, both a data specialist and a trained business user can work with it immediately after deployment to the organisation's IT ecosystem.

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