10. 08. 2022

Ataccama sponsors 2022 State of Data Quality e-book by TDWI

Automated Data Quality is still not universally adopted in enterprise organizations, creating a major barrier to them achieving mature Data Quality Management. To better understand key factors that help companies succeed with data quality, our partner Ataccama recently teamed up with TDWI to survey 1000+ executives and business users.

Almost seven in ten enterprises—69% of those who responded to TDWI’s practitioner survey—report that they have begun their Data Quality Management maturity journeys, but have not yet achieved high maturity.

Download the full report commissioned by our partner Ataccama for additional insights into the DQ management market, including:

  • A summary of the current state of enterprise data quality management in 2022
  • Common challenges organizations encounter when managing their data quality
  • What’s required to establish and maintain a mature enterprise DQ management practice
  • Key success factors for mature DQ management
  • 10 strategic recommendations from TDWI analysts for data management professionals

Want to stay well informed about data quality and data governance trends
Download 2021 State of Data Quality report and learn about getting started with data quality to enable self-service data transformation, top data management priorities for executive leadership, how to approach data governance to ensure both speed and compliance, and more.

2022 State of Data Quality E-book by TDWI (880.5kb)

Download PDF

Ataccama 2021 State of Data Quality (106.9kb)

Download PDF

About Ataccama

Ataccama, which is also part of the Adastra Group, reinvents the way data is managed to create value on an enterprise scale. Unifying Data Governance, Data Quality, and Master Data Management into a single, AI-powered fabric across hybrid and Cloud environments, Ataccama gives your business and data teams the ability to innovate with unprecedented speed while maintaining trust, security, and governance of your data.

About Adastra

We are Adastra Digital, an international consulting company that creates functional solutions in various sectors, facilitating the transition to the digital era. For more than 20 years, we support the biggest names in the business with cutting-edge digital solutions. We drive your digital transformation with our business know-how, innovative solutions and technologies.

Learn more why Adastra works with Ataccama here.

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