24. 04. 2020

Digitization of workforce – robotization of business processes

Enhance quickly your workforce by intelligent software bots – automate your business processes the same way a human employee would do.

Immediate response is critical

With the global outbreak of COVID-19, business and organizations are challenged with significant economic impact, which test their infrastructures and resources. Companies are searching ways how to protect their business and human capital and mitigate impact of worldwide health crisis. Leveraging digital workforce and business process automation brings greater human capacity and productivity to your organization to effectively manage and quickly respond to these challenges. 

Robotization of your business processes helps to achieve more stability and enables to maintain business continuity with a 24/7 AI driven digital workforce available. It allows to scale organizational capabilities, increase individuals’ productivity as well as notifies about any disruption of the operations. 

Project scope

We will (help you to) assess business process bottlenecks and identify areas with the most repetitive human-driven rule-based tasks, where the automation added value in a form of increased efficiency, mitigation of human error and fraud and cost reduction is the highest. Our assessment will lead to the list of to-automate business processes, with estimated costs and benefits. As a next step, we will automate top of the list processes. 

During the project we will: 

PHASE 1:  

  • Perform assessment of your critical and support processes and quantify the costs and automation benefits 
  • Identify top priority processes to be automated and design detailed business requirements 


  • Help you to assess and select the most suitable RPA solution vendor and oversee and support software deployment 

PHASE 3:  

  • Implement automated process on the RPA platform of your choice. 
  • Train users 


Typically, 6-10 weeks (depends on company size, process complexity and RPA platform availability)

  • Assessment and prioritization – 12 weeks
  • Business requirements – 12 week
  • Development – 46 weeks

Typical process candidates for automation – banking


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