22. 12. 2015

Dynatrace Is Once Again the Leader in Gartner MQ

Reading time: 1 minutes

The most recent Gartner Magic Quadrant for application monitoring caught my attention on a proof of concept with a very important potential customer. It reaffirmed that Dynatrace is far ahead in comparison with the competition. Well-renowned competitors for this customer lamented the intricacies of the applications installed and configured monitoring for several days to weeks before triumphantly announcing that they were already monitoring. But according to our customer, something was still missing. We came with Dynatrace on Friday, installed it and started monitoring immediately on the same day, even in spite of the trickiness. It’s great that Gartner has evaluated Dynatrace as a leader. I am happy that even the most demanding customers appreciate Dynatrace. They themselves confirm that thanks to several dashboards it is possible to control complex applications where trouble-shooting had taken hours or days, when those problems should be solved within minutes. That is why I am glad Dynatrace chose us as a partner.

Source: LinkedIn – Jiří Kurejko