09. 04. 2020

Enterprise IT architecture healthcheck & migration to modern IT set-up

Current crisis can be an opportunity to strengthen your business position

A crisis is often a driver of progress. Companies are forced to optimize their processes and modern technologies provide them tools to do so. Organizations that will be the first to successfully incorporate the latest technologies gain the competitive advantage on the market.

Cooperation with an experienced partner is the best option

Adastra is your one stop shop partner for conversion of your existing IT ecosystem into modern, cloud-first, secure, stable, and scalable solution. Our IT and Business consultants will tailor the solution to provide your business maximal competitive advantage, while flexibly addressing all possible risks during implementation.

Our Approach


Our Proposal

We usually start engagements with a 5 weeks Enterprise IT architecture healthcheck (remote or on-site) that will allow our IT and Business experts to define the winning strategy in IT for your organization supported with a roadmap for migration implementation.





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