02. 08. 2021

How the quality of IT services can impact your business

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No doubt you’ve experienced the following situation. You call IT because your users, potential or current customers, are unable to complete an activity they began on your website – making a purchase, completing a form, making a payment, registering for an event, etc. It’s been a few days now and your conversion rates are at risk – not to mention your department’s KPIs.

You get a response from IT like: “We're looking into it and if we find something interesting we’ll get back to you.” It won’t be today.

What’s more, have you ever considered how long it takes before someone:

  1. discovers a problem
  2. identifies possible causes
  3. gathers meaningful background information
  4. escalates the problem to the IT department

Hours? Days? But shouldn’t this happen in real time?

Avoid four demons

With Dynatrace Business Analytics you can avoid these four “demons” that prolong your IT department's response to the needs of your company’s other business units.

  • Dr. Delay It took your colleagues more than 24 hours before they understood how critical the problem was and decided to call IT. How much did that cost you?
  • Mr. Misdirection – Poor performance or errors can cause a decrease in conversions, but other factors could also be at work. What if the actual cause is a lackluster advertising campaign or poorly formulated and targeted communications?
  • Victor Vague Users on your eshop pages, for example, may be segmented according to levels reached in a loyalty program or the value of the goods in their carts. Moreover, problematic pages typically have different names than the exact URL address IT sees. Who can present the description in such a way that your IT staff will understand it?
  • Good-intentioned IT The pressure for a quick resolution to the problem, before IT has truly understood the root cause, often results in poor prioritizing and ineffective results. How will you find out whether your colleagues from IT achieved the business results required?

Rely on Dynatrace

With Dynatrace Business Analytics you know in real time when the key performance indicators (KPIs) of your business – such as conversions, bids, payments, registrations, purchases, etc. – take a turn for the worse. You know how these KPIs are impacted by user experience, application performance, errors, and new software versions or functionality. You have a reliable perspective on tracked metrics – including the names of pages and customer segments. And you can even use Davis, the Dynatrace engine that incorporates artificial intelligence components, to get notified of any anomalies and identify the main causes.

To learn more about Dynatrace Business Analytics, check out the article this one was based on, by Gary Kaiser of Dynatrace. This article includes a video (7 minutes) with practical examples of how to “Integrate IT metrics with your company’s business KPIs.”

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