26. 04. 2023

Meet our team: Matúš, Technical Consultant

What does “There is no I in a team, but there is in the family” mean to Matus? And interestingly, what does it mean to you if this question is applied to the context of your current workplace? Read on for a fresh perspective on Adastra’s inclusive culture, as Matus shares his reflections on how the last 2 years with us have shaped his professional growth.

When did you join Adastra?

I joined Adastra in June 2021, so it’s been almost 2 years as part of this work family.

What was your career background before joining us?

Mostly financial sector with side projects in IT. I got into programming through automating "consolidation excel sheets".


What do you currently do at Adastra? Could you tell us about your team and recent projects?

It is not strict what I do. On my current project I am part of a team and we rotate tasks, so everybody gets both interesting and less interesting tasks. Our project is in Telco, and we are currently nearing the release of our recommendation engine, so tasks tend to cover all programming, both backend and frontend, testing e2e, data migration and so on and so forth.

How would you describe your first months at Adastra?

When I first joined the fleet of Adastrans, I felt like it was the best choice of my life. Although I was initially worried that I would feel lost in a new company, I was really surprised how approachable all of my colleagues were and how excited they got to include me into their circles. My apprehensive feelings were over before the first day was over! I was invited to Adastra's quarterly meeting around a week before my official first day which impressed me, and it was nice to meet my team mates for the first time at a barbecue.

What do you like the most about Adastra?

I’ve never felt so empowered in my work or had so much variety of tasks to expand my knowledge. Whenever there is a problem, I can go to anyone. Teammates (old and current), manager or even our CEO. All of them are willing to help the best they can if you reach out to them. Whenever I need something or need a change in some way or have any silly idea, the same applies. It is really people what matters in this company.

Also, the company is offering variety of team buildings on yearly or quarterly bases, such as skiing, extended weekends in Tatras with families, go-karts, barbecues etc. Truth is, it's not all just fun and we need to learn as well of course (as every developer should do in order to keep at the top of their game), but Adastra supports this completely. For example, at the start I received every course I asked for to gain the knowledge needed to pass the Google Cloud course (which Adastra finances).


What would your team mates tell us about you?

You would have to ask them, but I am grateful for the positive feedback I received at my last appraisal meeting. The interesting thing here is that every time people are asked to give feedback on somebody, they give you a recommendation for improvement as well. It is easy to say only nice words about a person, but personally I value constructive insight the most as this supports my career growth. Let’s be honest, nobody is perfect as they are, but needs constant evolution due to the fast-paced, dynamic world that we all live in.

What do you think are the main pillars of Adastra?

People and knowledge, at least for me these are the main ones. And Adastra really translates this into practice.

Why you would recommend Adastra to others?

Adastra is not a corporate giant, and you can feel it from its every pore. People genuinely care for you and want you around here. So once again, the word people. I cannot stress enough how openly you can communicate here. Yeah, there are interesting projects, super benefits and so on, but what are those projects and benefits in a context of narrow-minded, self-centred people? You don’t have to worry about that in Adastra. As a wise man once said the famous cliché, there is no I in a "team" but there is an I in "family".

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