01. 12. 2015

Unstructured Data Does Not Lie Fallow; Text Analytics is the Solution

Reading time: 2 minutes

Text analytics will be one of the key topics for companies in 2016, as confirmed by at least 70% of the participants at the text-analytical breakfast, which Adastra organized in cooperation with their partner company Ataccama on 12 November 2015.

Working with unstructured data, which is crucial for text analytics, is one of the subdivisions of the current trend of so-called Big Data. This is why we are looking forward to the ever-growing interest of companies in this issue and its solutions, and we are pleased 50 participants from a total of 28 companies took part in our discussions, who wished to share their own previous experience and share best practices.

Together we focused on specific possibilities of using text analytics for business, which we subsequently demonstrated with an example from the experience of our client from the banking sector. We applaud its solution that effectively uses information to better understand their customers. In a brief demo, we also introduced selected functionalities of our own text-analytical solution.

Based on the answers obtained from participants from the forms completed, their main aim was especially to analyse data based on the notes for bank transactions, records, front-office personnel, transcripts of calls from call centres or posts on social networking sites and email communications.

We have textual data and what’s next?

Companies have high ambitions; as many as 62% of respondents intend to use the information for targeted marketing. Half of the companies are particularly interested in the potential, both due to analysed data to prevent the departure of clients and 37% of respondents subsequently replied that the data is used when processing the feedback from its customers.

We are glad that the data your business generates is not indifferent and we are happy to assist you in effectively using it for your needs, whatever they may be.

Source: Adastra