15. 03. 2022

Why do you struggle with your Cloud migration?

Migrating and leveraging Cloud solutions has been well adopted by many organizations across the globe, however, there continues to be hesitancy by many data-rich organizations in the Financial, Telco and Retail industries.

The two main obstacles we usually face when discussing Cloud migration with clients are: Operating data solutions in the cloud is easy. So is data migration to the cloud. So why the progress in data-rich industries (banks, telcos, retail, …) is so slow and insignificant? When discussing the topic with our customers, we are often seeing two obstacles:

  1. Resistance and hesitation related to the (public) clouds security and data protection
  2. Fear from breaking legacy solutions – if it’s not broken, don’t fix it (or at least, if there are no complaints, do not disturb it)

We will not dive into the security of Cloud environments as those have been well documented. Instead, what we want to provide perspective on is the hesitancy or the stability of legacy solutions as it relates to hesitancy to Cloud migration. 

Organizations have invested significant amounts of resources (both financially and manpower) to build and maintain current systems and solutions. Current efforts are directed at ensuring the stability of these business critical solutions. 

The costs associated with on-prem environments to run these solutions are significant, but cultural and risk management approaches are such that the organizations take a very conservative approach to their data and analytics systems.

This conservative approach is very short-sighted. Legacy solutions were developed many years prior and staff turnover has created a knowledge gap. The support team is hesitant to make any changes to the environments of fear of breakage, down-time, and even ego. This is creating barriers and putting the organization at operational risk due to the single-minded knowledge of the IT team.

The second facet of hesitance as it pertains to legacy application migration is the significant effort required to upload legacy code to the cloud. Understanding all the dependencies in the “ETL jobs and data pipelines”, hard-coded algorithms, lack of metadata, lack of documentation makes this task extremely difficult. “Big” data solutions (warehouses, data lakes, data-ponds, data-marts) usually consist of hundreds of interlinked and dependent data pipelines. Considering the magnitude of the task, efforts and implied costs often outnumber the benefits of operating the solution in the cloud.

Fortunately, Adastra has developed a tool that significantly accelerates this process through:

  • Automated metadata harvesting and understanding resulting in full understanding of the data matrix.
  • Full mapping of dependencies between legacy ETL workloads via visual representation 
  • Generation of the target data pipelines in any target data integration technology (both on-premise and cloud-based)?

Keep the migration to the cloud simple

ADELE is a game changing migration accelerator. We call it a “tool for rapid data pipelines re-platforming”. Our proven technology is capable of migrating 80% of legacy pipelines to any target environment in a matter of weeks. For more information and to apply for Proof of Concept, please follow this link.

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