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Adastra provided assistance to Equa bank with establishment of data warehouse (DWH) for on-line data

How do you create a data warehouse and bank reporting for a newly established bank? Would you like to know? Keep reading! Equa bank is exactly such a case. Not only that, the bank requested some data from an online data warehouse. No small feat considering the data had to keep its consistency and be integrated in the data warehouse to provide an overall (business) picture of the clients.

The problem we had to face

Equa bank, a new bank on the Czech market, asked Adastra to build them a data warehouse as the core of its bank reporting. On the one hand, we were creating a three-layer data warehouse where only the last layer caters to reporting directly while the other two layers are purely technical, to ensure:

  • Data consolidation (merging of associated data from various systems)
  • Unification (merging of identical entries from various systems into one)

On the other hand, we were also creating an on-line database with core client data, closely associated with the data warehouse. 

The project was an exciting challenge as a brand new bank was being built in a very short time.

Jan Karban, consultant, Adastra

Our suggested solution

2 crucial bank reports. We created reporting layers for individual departments – providing support for reporting to the Czech National Bank and to risk departments were the most important. Both have their own specifics – for instance, the risk department creates the final reports itself and all it needs is accurate data.

Jan Karban, consultant, Adastra

Part of the data warehouse implementation was what is known as client unification – the merging of multiple entries about clients. 

Simple rules were used to determine which entries could be placed together – i.e. for identical clients duplicated in the systems. Consequently, we used the same logic with regard to saving new entries in the online mode. These rules can be easily modified and added, and our solution is fully satisfactory, even though, at the present time, special tools for this particular issue are available. 

What was the outcome of the project

The data warehouse implementation – i.e. the basic creation of necessary reporting – was realized promptly (within months). 

Subsequent phases (such as extending individual reports, creating reporting for other departments) were carried out in gradual steps that changed according to customer changes. This process also depends on the data placed in customer entries. Indeed, it is possible to obtain the data from user applications (Excel, Access etc.). What matters most is the functionality of the online section which is now an inseparable part of automatic bank approvals. 


Who participated in the project

Our excellent reputation is built by competent people who bring our projects to a successful end. In this case, the client relied on these consultants.

David Kozelka

Finance Division Director

Miroslav Petr



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