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The creation of a completely new integration platform for Equa bank

As it was establishing itself in the Czech Republic, Adastra was asked by Equa bank to create an on-line integration layer. Using an ESB tool Adastra created an integration hub, where individual systems are interconnected, as well as a unified on-line store for client data (ODS – on-line data store).

The problem we had to face


In Equa bank, the task was to build an integration layer for the entire bank, which interconnects various system interfaces. This layer connects heterogeneous systems and transforms data from one system into another, in such a way that the systems understand each other. 

An inseparable part of this layer is the unified view of the client. This is the ODS as an integrated data store providing up-to-date client data (contracts, contacts, marketing information), available in an on-line mode. 

Our suggested solution

As there was no existing integration system in place, the implementation could proceed without delay. We therefore created and kept the architectonical proposal of the entire solution intact before and after the implementation went into operation. 

As individual teams were sharing offices it was easy to communicate and find a common solution and the entire solution was put into operation in only one year. Make no mistake, we often relied on the vast experience the team had gained from similar projects; an invaluable source of knowledge when creating new solutions (as many of them had already proved to be dysfunctional in practice).

One year – I was rather surprised how fast you can build a completely new bank these days.

Jakub Martin, Senior consultant, Adastra

What was the outcome of the project

We delivered the project successfully and it is still in operation today, though the bank is now developing it itself. 

The solution came together thanks mostly to our consultants practical experience in teams. Insisting on some principles in the early stages ensured solid functionality of the entire solution later. This is how Equa bank received its integration layer which, we are proud to say, is still in operation ensuring the execution of small changes within hours. At the same time, it is possible, despite the heterogeneity of the systems, to receive immediate information on who the client is, which products he/she uses, if any problems exist with these products, what his/her last contact information is etc. 


Basic information about the client within milliseconds – it is possible to obtain information about the client in such an extremely short time thanks to the client data integration.

Who participated in the project

Our excellent reputation is built by competent people who bring our projects to a successful end. In this case, the client relied on these consultants.

Jakub Martin

Senior consultant


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