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Adastra conducted data migration to the new system of potential obligations´records EPOZ in KB

A system of the same name was developed within the EPOZ project to replace the old PES system (which was saved and shut down) fully. An extensive and sophisticated data migration from various data sources, including distributed and locally managed DB, had to be carried out to ensure a successful implementation. Adastra’s ADMA framework was used for the data migration.

The problem we had to face

The EPOZ project (a new system for ‘Records of potential liabilities') centered on replacing and expanding the outdated PEZ system (a system for registering off-balance sheet products: guarantees, assurances, frameworks, letters of credit) in connection with regular billing charges to BL accounts and invoicing to the GL.

To ensure successful realization not only was it necessary to create a new application but an application that had to be filled with perfect, error-free data. Regarding the fragmented data sources and the distributed character of the old application, it was necessary to analyze, plan and realize a large-scale migration culminating in a ‘Big Bang’ realization where absolutely no failures were permitted. The Adastra Data Migration Approach was used for the realization itself. It is a set of systematic guidelines and tools that lead to a flawless migration regardless of the extent of the migrated data. This demanding project was successfully completed in large part to a high rate of automation.


More than 100 tested cycles. Billions of CZK in transaction conversions in various currencies. Cooperation with a methodology administrator. Automatic reconciliation.

Our suggested solution

An overview of the business involved in the migration can be described as follows

  • Transformations within Adastra DMA were defined and individually approved by Business owners
  • Data from 7 operational PEZ instances were uploaded into the Oracle DB via Adastra DMA, this time with no need for any business intervention
  • Data transformations into the target data model of the EPOZ application were carried out.
  • Logical accounting changes were performed for data transformation requiring corrective transactions in the General Ledger (accounting for business control methodology)
  • DWH began to retrieve data over the newly filled structures without no impact on the business user whatsoever. A transparent transition from one system to another.

The entire project was successfully concluded in large part due to a high-quality data migration. The customer evaluated the data migration and resulting system in a highly positive way.


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