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Adastra serves as system integrator in the development of the business register

It goes without saying that the process of computerization in the C.R. continues to improve. The days when government officials archived files concerning citizens, companies and motor vehicles into filing cabinets are long gone. So too is the time when an individual had to visit multiple state offices in person to inform them of a simple change. Thanks to a system of basic registers and modern communication tools that civil servants use, interaction between authorities and citizens is markedly simpler, smoother and more efficient. Many of you made certain that the Basic Registers really interchange data and work. Adastra has been actively involved in the development of the Business Register (BR).

The problem we had to face

The Business Register (BR) is one of four basic registers within the System of Basic Registers of the Czech Republic and it is maintained by the Czech Statistical Office (CZSO). The Business Register deals with the registration of legal entities and their organizational units, people who do business, foreign companies and their organizational entities, organizations with international affiliates, and government departments.


Building the system of Basic Registers of the Czech Republic required the close cooperation and coordination of activities of 4 project authorities (the Ministry of Interior of the C.R., the Czech Statistical Office, the State Administration of Land Surveying and Cadaster, the Office for Personal Data Protection) and 6suppliers.

The goal of the project was to build the entire infrastructure of the newly emerging information system, fill it with relevant data, verify the data, run pilot operations and put the BR into full operation. The delivery also included an Integrated Agenda Information System BR (IAIS-BR) – a central web solution maintained by the CZSO – which provides a tool for inserting and editing business entities and for changing reference data without the need of an agenda to create or modify its own information system. As a whole, the project establishes the processes of end-user support, system maintenance and data actualization.


a business person or legal entity has to notify their reference data or their change to our administration only once and subsequent documents (these days it is only data) are interchanged between offices of the authorities.

Our suggested solution

The BR is amongst the largest IT projects ever realized in the Czech market. Its size bears witness to its:

  • Length – the project lasted from 2010 to 2012 and today the CZSO counts on our services to maintain and ensure operational support while further developing the BR
  • Number of end-users – over 7,000 end-users work with BR data (the data is used in 35 administrative agendas overseeing approx. 6,300 public authorities)

To be the system integrator of such an immense project is testimony of Adastra’s cre dibility.


source systems provided data for primary data fulfillment of the BR. For data cleansing Adastra used the Ataccama Data Quality Center.

The project delivery incorporated numerous phases and Adastra’s task was to coordinate all steps of the delivery such as:

  • the complete construction of the register, including a detailed analysis, design and implementation of the register
  • the design and implementation of the hardware and software components to meet the requirements for high availability in the architecture of two datacenters
  • data preparation for the initial loads from over 50 source systems (data quality checks, proposals for corrections, address validation and reporting)
  • connecting the BR to the Basic Registers, incl. integration with other simultaneously implemented projects (ROB, RUIAN, RPP, ISZR and ORG)
  • the unification of registration processes of business entities with legal subjectivity and assigning an ICO  (identification number) in one place (at a single point)
  • ensuring high availability, rigorous monitoring of quality and security of realized services incl. all aspects regarding the protection of personal data
  • the close cooperation and coordination of activities of four project authorities (the Ministry of Interior of the C.R., the Czech Statistical Office, the State Administration of Land Surveying and Cadaster, the Office for Personal Data Protection) and six suppliers of the registers

What was the outcome of the project

We successfully completed the BR project for the CZSO and our involvement continues to this day as Adastra oversees the maintenance and development of this information system. Full operations of the Basic Registers system commenced on July 1, 2012. The System of Basic Registers by Adastra and cooperating vendors was named the “IT Project of the Year for 2012” by the Czech Association of CIOs (CACIO).


the BR contains over 3 million business subjects in the C.R.

The Business Register (BR) boasts significant benefits for citizens and businesses. Thanks to the BR, they only need to report references or changes in public administration once. The authorities in question 

exchange the data amongst themselves and use the data amongst themselves and use the data without having to repeat the process of substantiation. The BR acts as a unified structure focusing information on all business entities from administrative agenda information systems into a single information system, thus eliminating fragmentation in the provision of information concerning individuals. The project is characterized by high accessibility and the thorough monitoring of the quality and safety of the implemented solutions, including all aspects of privacy.


queries into the BR have been executed since commencing full operations (on July 1, 2012)

Who participated in the project

Our excellent reputation is built by competent people who bring our projects to a successful end. In this case, the client relied on these consultants.

Martina Kohoutová

Project Manager


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