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Adastra supported famous czech bank´s CRM data migration

The bank opted for a new CRM solution. Switching to a new system, however, could not be successful if, at the onset, it lacked all the necessary data stored in the original CRM. For a successful transfer to take place, all required data must be extracted and uploaded into the correct place, on time, and in such a way that all customer requirements can be fulfilled on the very first day the new system is put into operation. To ensure a successful data migration it was further necessary to resolve serious issues with data quality.

The problem we had to face

In principle, each CRM system deals with similar tasks. However, the way it solves these tasks often differs greatly and individual systems may store data in markedly different ways.

The decision to change the CRM system usually arises from an organization needing modern options, support for its new processes, better links to other organizations or systems such as new integrations with other systems. Of course, data are required to support these new processes, yet many times the data are stored in other systems and finding relationships between the data in other systems and CRM data is a challenging task.

Populating data into the new CRM is much like detective work. You first need to understand the motivation, the full purpose of the undertaking. This requires research as you investigate the source systems and trace essential information and data. After poring over all the facts, a detailed understanding of the data emerges enabling you to piece together a proposed method to transform the data. However, no successful data transformation will occur without the support of good infrastructure, be it technical or organizational. A fully independent, dedicated system which has only one task, to migrate data from original storage into the new system, is needed.

When we say „migration system“ or „migration tool“ we do not mean mere software, but an entire ecosystem which can effectively fulfill all tasks required of it.

Our suggested solution

Adastra migrated data from 22 systems into the new CRM from the first go.

It was determined that data from 22 systems had to be first migrated into the new CRM and, then, the most indispensable information had to be transferred from the new CRM back to most of these systems. Without any impact on the client service. In an extremely limited time frame. With zero risk of error from the start. Launching a new CRM is unforgiving as there is no second chance to repeat the migration. You need to be perfect.

A crucial aspect of a successful migration is learning not to strictly adhere to the boundaries of the set task. The new CRM must conform to the business environment and this requires trust between the bank and the research team. Adastra learned from the bank and oversaw a solution which went beyond the framework of simple data migration and this, in turn, was the key for the success of the entire project.

Of course, the driving force of the success was based on technology, in particular, a migration delivery tool built on the Oracle PL/SQL with significant assistance from ETL Informatica. The migration tool ‚calculated‘ workflow using synthetic data derived from programmed algorithms to determine what had to be done first, what should follow, when it could run multiple tasks in parallel, and when it had to wait for a certain task to finish.
Optimally designed transformation algorithms were vital for adhering to the schedule. However, organizing and supporting the tests with suitable tools was of equal importance. Quality testing alone could ensure that the entire migration would be carried out flawlessly from the onset.

What was the outcome of the project

The entire project could not have been successful without a thorough understanding to the data including their importance, role, character, qualities and how the data were used, which methods were employed, both before and after switching to the new CRM. In the end, this has been of great benefit to the project and has ultimately resulted in the involvement of the data migration team in a number of other project activities, especially in performing tasks related to the future integration of the new CRM into the bank's environment.

Implementing a new CRM is a daunting task and projects of this size and complexity are rarely without challenges. Despite the magnitude of this project, the new CRM was implemented at the first go and without any notable negative impact on banking operations other than an issue related to a fundamental change of project objectives that took place during realization.

An expert team, assembled in advance, provided exceptional support to users in the initial weeks following the launch, a transition period accompanied by normal adjustments to change. We were pleased to learn that the support required for the data migration itself was marginal, though, understandably, users had some difficulties with the new interfaces, updated business processes and new methodologies. However, the data in the new system was in order and caused no strain on the organization.

60 million source entries were migrated into 50 target data entities.

A joint team from Adastra and the bank, consisting of approximately four analysts, one programmer, two experts to ensure the necessary communication and infrastructure, and supervised by two project managers, carried out a migration of approximately sixty million source entries into fifty target data entities.

180,000 instances of bad quality data were removed before the migration.

Dealing with data quality was a serious issue. The data migration team was ultimately responsible for both the data transformation and data quality, hence, the data migration ecosystem also included activities to remove poor quality data that would prevent data migration. Prior to the migration, the team identified and resolved 180,000 individual cases of poor quality data.

Who participated in the project

Our excellent reputation is built by competent people who bring our projects to a successful end. In this case, the client relied on these consultants.

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