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Kooperativa more agile with Dynatrace application monitoring and faster SW development at AIS Servis

Objective facts rather than subjective findings, improved SW development, better communication between IT and business, the availability of key applications with complete overview of operations – this is what Kooperativa insurance expects of its application monitoring. Kooperativa selected the Dynatrace APM solution which was delivered by Adastra as the exclusive vendor for the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Problem we had to face

Kooperativa is one of the largest insurance companies on the Czech market and fully understands the importance of competitive offerings and the always increasing demands placed upon their industry to provide insurance services.

An application for estimating and preparing insurance contract drafts, sending requests for electronic signing (e-signature) and delivering them to a customer's e-mail address is a critical tool of the insurance sales network and this application supports both life and non-life insurance contracts. AIS Servis, a subsidiary of Kooperativa, ensures the development of this application and provides SLA services for its operations.

Previous solutions for supervising this pivotal application had become incapable of supporting the sales network as it only focused on the “health” of the servers while revealing nothing about the “health” of the application, its responses and how it performed for end users. IT operations, developers and business had varying opinions of the optimal performance of the application and how to solve potential problems. Furthermore, detailed single-user level data and user application activity were unavailable.


weeks is all it took for Dynatrace APM to be implemented at Kooperativa and in the development environment of AIS Servis.

Our suggested solution

As the Kooperativa IT department and AIS Servis advanced their services they decided to improve the monitoring of the performance of its sales network support application. Application monitoring solution vendors were approached and invited to present their solutions in a real-life conditions and Adastra's Dynatrace Application Performance Management came out on top as its solution specializes in providing:

  • A detailed view of responses for each end user of the application
  • Easy and clear dashboards that can be used as a reporting output for management
  • Granular information to support developers optimize the application from one location 
  • Clear identification of whether the response time problem stems from the browser, the network, the servers or directly from the application code 

Dynatrace APM lets Kooperativa and AIS Servis optimize processes and speed up communication as business and IT teams are now speaking the same language.

What was the outcome of the project

Adastra consultants implemented Dynatrace APM within 2 weeks by providing AIS Servis and Kooperativa sales network with a highly effective user-friendly solution for monitoring the performance of their critical sales support application.

Within SLA, AIS Servis commenced providing unambiguous information on how this key insurance application operates for all users (internal employees, insurance agents, brokers) which fostered the process of optimizing application responses.

AIS and IT get automated alerts concerning malfunctioning processes or slow-downs in the application allowing them to deal with problematic situations proactively. Communication with business has become significantly faster and more efficient as a result.

AIS Servis currently uses Dynatrace APM for SW development, SW optimizing and comparing SW states between different versions leading to better SW versions being deployed to operations. 

Key benefits of the Dynatrace APM implementation for Kooperativa are:

  • A precise overview of the number of users in the application and their activities
  • Automated proactive alerts on malfunctions or slow-downs related to key application processes (such as client searches, contract issues, biometric signatures etc.)
  • The time needed to solve problems has notably decreased as discussions between developers and operations are no longer needed
  • Non-developers can recommend how to optimize responses as IT and business speak the same language
  • Objective metrics on the use of the application for day-to-day work and identifying bottlenecks
  • Numerous detailed technical metrics concerning memory use, GC (Garbage Collection), the number of threads and transactions and easy two-way correlation in one convenient location

reduction of the response time for users when using an online calculator

Dynatrace application monitoring provided us with relevant and clear metrics which both IT and business people understand. We measure application responses and we know where and how to optimize. We proactively monitor the user experience in the application so we anticipate user complaints. With Dynatrace APM, our developers have significantly reduced application responses and they can objectively optimize application functionality as it is developed, long before being deployed into operations. Thanks to this, in addition to how it saves us time and how to optimize, we can adjust easily to respond to our customers’ needs better.

Karel Pavlík, CIO, Kooperativa; Peter Poisel, Director, AIS servis

Who participated in the project

Our excellent reputation is built by competent people who bring our projects to a successful end. In this case, the client relied on these consultants.

Jiří Kurejko


Růžena Barešová

Business Development Manager


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