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Adastra API/ELT generators assisted the bank with establishment of data transformations by means of metadata

A major Czech bank is using API/ELT generators by Adastra, for an Oracle Database, to successfully create a new system for automatic application approvals (NAS DB), an Operational Data Store and a new data warehouse (Analytic Data Warehouse).

The problem we had to face

During the transformation of the original customer IT architecture into a new form based on Service Oriented Architecture, it was decided to create several new systems corresponding to this approach.

These systems included an Operational Data Store, an Analytic Data Store (data warehouse) and a database for a new approval system (NAS DB). Developing new banking systems is a costly exercise, and from the beginning the need to address issues emerged, in particular, labour productivity development, quality documentation solutions, standardization of generated code, using design patterns for creating program code, the automation of routine activities and quality control development. Identifying how to deal with the impact analysis of changes to the systems, an extremely challenging task, was of central importance.

80 %

More than 80% of activities related to developing a database, especially the development of ELT and API tables, have been completely standardized and can be successfully automated, so developers can be up to 5 times more productive.

Our suggested solution

Our vast experience in developing ELT generators was called upon to address these problems in the context of three new systems (NAS DB, Operational Data Store and Analytic Data Store).

We have also extended the functionality support for generating API, creating a completely new range of generators capable of generating a system interface for communications with the enterprise service bus (ESB). The best available tool for modeling relational databases, the Sybase PowerDesigner, was selected as the foundation for working with metadata and it was extended by our ELT generators to support the API functionality needed for development and quality control development. The current ELT generators have also been expanded to the customer's specific needs and, based on the capacity of the current version of the Oracle Database, gradually migrated to the systems.


The Adastra ELT/API generators contain more than 200 templates for creating API and ELT on the Oracle Database as well as hundreds of support functions for quality control, converting the generated metadata, development, and automated editing of the data model.

What was the outcome of the project

Thanks to the ELT/API generators acquired from Adsatra, the customer has a highly flexible and effective tool for creating data transformations using metadata in the field of data warehousing and OLTP systems.

Using design patterns and procedures Adastra learned from a wide range of integration projects featuring API and ELT generators, a variety of interesting properties came about: a high degree of standardization, automatic documentation, integrated quality control development, and superior performance of the generated code. The time required for developing an API or ELT was reduced to hours instead of the original four days.

As there is no need to pay any licensing fees for a specialized ETL tool, the native integration of the impact analysis on change results in a favourable purchase price. When you purchase licenses for the Sybase PowerDesigner the bank can independently implement the development of our supplied API and ELT, or create them using our brand new generators. 


By using our generators the bank delivered almost 200 API and 8000 ELT.

The time required for API / ELT development has been reduced from days to four hours. This is because the API and ELT generators from Adastra significantly increase developer productivity allowing them to create new systems which assume responsibility for the work once done by the developers themselves.


Who participated in the project

Our excellent reputation is built by competent people who bring our projects to a successful end. In this case, the client relied on these consultants.

Miroslav Petr


Vlastimil Bažant


Jaromír Mataj

Solution Architect


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