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The bank relies on a monitoring application by Dynatrace and Adastra performance tests

Efficient communication between IT operations, the business and IT experts next to application availability monitoring and problem prediction were key attributes of the application monitoring project. To meet these expectations, the Bank chose the Dynatrace APM solution that had been a big success already in the pre-production project phase in Adastra performance tests.

What was the problem

One of the basic prerequisites was to develop an application to be used by a multinational group operating across Europe. For the purpose, Adastra chose a combination of tools: Dynatrace APM for application monitoring, Apache JMeter for modeling and user activity simulations and Qlik Sense to assess and analyze application performance metrics.

The aim was to deliver optimal user experience combined with high performance of an application working with complex data structures and hierarchies. After the application was deployed in daily operation, it was necessary to monitor application availability, behavior and to create a set of dashboards for IT operations that will help not only to resolve, but also to predict potential problems. A big challenge during application work simulation and efficient monitoring was the fact that the application worked on a work-flow principle: one user approved changes for another user who had to wait for approval before performing the next activity. However, this proved easy to tackle with the right set of tools.


Hundreds of thousands user actions every day, all of them monitored by Dynatrace APM.

What was our solution

The initial phase of simulation and performance tests focused on system bottleneck identification under the load of non-functional client requirements. For the purpose, 11 use case scenarios were implemented in JMeter script that was able to simulate the entire complexity of user activities while respecting the prerequisite that single application users should follow up on their work tasks immediately and in a coordinated fashion.

Despite the initial skepticism of the application supplier, Adastra successfully developed the simulation scripts and methodology to analyze and compare the results between the single tests performed in Qlik Sense, a tool enabling highly efficient work and detailed analysis of millions of records with measured responses.

Dynatrace APM was used to perform a detailed analysis of the simulated activity during the test phase. This platform enabled analysis of every simulated user action down to the level of code lines. This combination allowed recommendations to flow directly to IT experts who greatly contributed to the solution’s success.


simulated use cases, dozens of recommendations and identified bottlenecks.

How the project ended

Dynatrace APM played an even more important role after the launch of the application’s production operation, in which user behaviors and numbers oscillated and applications caused unexpected problems in combination with numerous back-end tasks. 

With the help of Dynatrace APM and the dashboards developed by Adastra, the source of problems was identified fast and the supplier developed modifications in a few days. All instability symptoms were removed within two weeks from the launch.

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