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Adastra enabled data migration at ČSOB upon its merger with Istrobanka

As a part of our project, the Migration Engine Tool (MET) solution was developed at the time of the merger of Istrobanka and ČSOB. Next to the data migration itself, the added value consisted in data cleaning and consolidation. Behind the solution’s success lies sophisticated data migration from the Data Warehouse and the Core Banking System.

What was the problem

The “Istrobanka MET” project focused mainly on data migration from Istrobanka to ČSOB, which was necessary following the banks’ merger. Merger of the branches, products and banking systems followed next.

The successful implementation was preceded by a thorough analysis of all the technical aspects of the migration, involving mainly the systems, from which data had to go through MET, data links and mutual relations.

High level of automation helped to meet this uneasy task and to successfully complete the project.


The first production run took place just 6 weeks after the kick-off covering all clients and accounts

What was our solution and how did the project end

Data from the original Core Banking System and DWH migrated by means of predefined transformations into the target Client Master Database and the ČSOB’s Core Banking System.

MET consisted of the Transfer Database containing not only the migrated data and related metadata, but also consolidation structures of the target Client Master Database.

Failure was not an option; the migrated data not only was cleaned and consolidated in MET, but also transformed to the required target structure. Successfully migrated clients and accounts were closed in the original system and all the important information was saved in the Transfer Database.


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