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ČSOB Pojišťovna implemented sales performance measurement system with the support of Adastra

Management of CSOB Pojistovna can now, at any time, measure the performance of its sales force. Data that were once not easily accessible data are now within arm’s reach.

The problem we had to face

Sales force management uses the synergy of several systems that were built for CSOBP during its long-term cooperation with Adastra.

The Manager Information System (MIS), featuring a data warehouse is used for reporting selected indicators. The first version appeared  in 1999 and has subsequently been further developed in several stages.

The customized, embedded KIS system for sales representatives provides individual users access to the information needed about their clients, contracts, claims, i.e. related tasks, and ensures effective communication with business people across various distribution channels. A robust system of access rights ensures that only those who are assigned to a client and their needs have access to this sensitive information. Sales force representatives needn't worry about somebody stealing their clients.

From a communications point of view, the system for central planning of business campaigns (Campaign Management) with a sales force is connected to the KIS system and enables highly effective realization of the chosen campaign while collecting responses from the entire business network.

Moreover, a centrally maintained database of insurance company clients is maintained in the background, so working with clients can be coordinated between individual systems and evaluated on a consolidated basis.

Our suggested solution

Fourteen years ago we entrusted our customer data to Business Intelligence systems that Adastra helped us to build.

Therefore we have one data source for customer databases, which has significantly helped us to make all management operations more effective. At the same time, we have repeatedly set the ongoing process of client unification. Our key applications are integrated with these systems, enabling effective client service, business activities management, fraud detection, managed access to data on the basis of ‘everybody gets exactly what they need for their work’. Everything fulfils our strict security standards. And all this was possible thanks to our cooperation with Adastra.

Employees throughout the company use the KIS modular system. Key users are client center employees, audit and risk departments and loss adjustors.

Everybody sees exactly what they should and the data is protected against hackers.

Among its users are insurance agents, i.e. internal and external sellers and Adastra helped us to create the module KIS module system for management purposes. Thanks to this application agents have modules that enable them to have up-to-date information about clients, address the challenges of business campaigns, resolve tasks connected with client service (for instance, the system automatically alerts us when an insurance policy is ending or failure to pay insurance premiums), download the information and data necessary to manage their finances (fees, commissions), see current results of their work through set-up reporting, and manage daily activities. This system is also used by managers to help manage, control and evaluate success.

The management of CSOB Pojistovna can now measure the performance of its sales force, analyze insurance claims and the market prospects of a specify product at any time thanks to the managerial information system by Adastra. Data that were once not easily accessible data are now within arm’s reach and the entire company has already become well used to this advantage. During the realization of MIS, which we are now working together on to further develop and improve, Adastra proved itself to be a company of great integrity. A great trust exists between our companies.

Jiří Kraus, IT Director, ČSOB Pojišťovna, a.s.


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