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Digital Transaction Channel Design and Development

In pursuit of an optimal digital transactional channel for a consumer finance company in China, ABC was invited to design and implement what is today a channel, where customers can pay for their daily spending using a credit instrument, while enjoying the discounts offered by merchants. The whole process is fully paperless using QR codes for communication.

Our Actions

We designed and developed from the scratch a mobile revolving credit product designed for frequent usage. Customer has a revolving limit in mobile app that can be used continuously for payments in POS. this APP incorporates a loyalty platform with discounts from partners. Customers have access to a large selection of discounts from participating merchants.


Project Results

The application process is fully paperless, for both existing and new customers.

Fast approval - new clients are approved instantly upon registering. Application process is quick and easy, with result delivered in up to 90 seconds (avg. 30 seconds).

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