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Adastra has maximized the potential of the public website of one of the leading banks in CEE

The online world is becoming more and more important for companies as a result of advanced digitization and an enormous increase in online sales. This also applies to the banking sector. Modern banks try to build a 360 ° picture of their customer. In addition, they examine customer and non-customer interactions in all channels where clients encounter bank products. This was also the case for one of the most innovative banks in Slovakia, which has increased the number of its customers in this way.

The problem we had to face

Bank has records of its client's behaviour from the mobile application and from the Internet Banking. However, as for the public web, the bank did not know about potential interest in products and the bank did not determine client's identity while they were browsing bank's product pages. Thus, the bank had been losing a large amount of potential business from its clients.

On the product page, the bank customers calculate the value of the loan repayment or compare credit cards.


93% of visitors repeatedly browsed the bank's product pages without leaving a contact information.

Our suggested solution


Obr: Design riešen

Adalytics (which is the OEM version of Exponea Experience Cloud) has been deployed on the bank's website and it enables:

  • monitoring any interactions on the web which assign to specific customers,
  • sending data to call center in real time,
  • personalization of the web site based on internal data and user behaviour on the web,
  • better usage of the site and creating a relevant call to action.

One of the most important aspects of selecting Adalytics online campaign tool was the speed at which Adalytics could be deployed on the bank's website. At the same time, a month after launching telesales campaigns we were able to cover almost all the costs of the pilot project.


All Adalytics projects are being done in a very agile manner. Hence the provided solution could deliver results after a few weeks while the implementation process is done in a few days.


After identifying visitors based on behaviour on the public web, we started with personalized campaigns through the call center and personal bankers. Campaigns targeted to clients who browsed these

  • Mortgages,
  • Loans,
  • Credit cards.

What was the outcome of the project

The success of the project was thanks to excellent cooperation on the banks side which allowed us to integrate Adalytics into its website, to identify visitors and to launch campaigns in a short period of time. The solution has brought the required increase in online sales and display of customized offers to clients.


We achieved a positive ROI within one month while three different campaigns for bank products were running.

Adastra has long-time experience with the integration of campaign systems in the banking sector. Our clients are the largest banks and telecommunications companies from many countries.


On average, we managed to achieve a 2.5-fold conversion rate on the mortgage, loans and credit card products compared with the control group.

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