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Adastra provided assistance to a new Czech bank to simplify its operation and make them more efficient thanks to implementation of Oracle Exadata Database Machine

Following consultations with Adastra, the bank successfully migrated and consolidated its databases on the Oracle Exadata Database Machine platform. Thanks to this, the bank dramatically simplified its IT infrastructure with regard to databases, making them more effective and faster, all while cutting IT infrastructure cos­ts.

The problem we had to face

The emerging bank needed to make its IT Oracle Database infrastructure more effective, friendlier, and, most of all, more affordable. A large volume of database events, in combination with the bank’s expansion, could not always offer suitable operational parameters needed by the bank for accurate and fast process operations, including the processes serving customers directly. As the situation had been unsustainable for quite a long time, the bank commenced looking for new solutions during our cooperation. The bank wanted solutions that featured modern trends in the relational database area and would remediate its problems.

By implementing the new solution, the bank sought to decrease its IT costs in terms of hardware, software and human resources. Moreover, they hoped to make the existing Oracle Database based solutions faster. By speeding up the existing solutions the bank would increase its competitiveness in the bank sector of the Czech Republic.

90 %

The slowest part of every application is the database storage. According to Adastra’s long-term experience, 90% of response time is taken up by overhead associated with reading and writing the data in corporate applications.

Our suggested solution

Truth be told, there are few reasonable solutions for this type of problem. At present the most effective scenario is the consolidation of Oracle databases into one consolidated database platform, which ensures more effective use of all available sources. The Oracle Database can be consolidated onto various supplier platforms, however, according to our working experience, we recommended the bank choose a solution based on Oracle Exadata Database Machine X4.

It is the most advanced solution for Oracle Database and offers a great price/performance ratio while not losing any of the investment already spent on the development of existing solutions. Exadata enables easy and dynamic redistribution of performance among individual applications, featuring up-to-date business processes requirements.

Performance of all applications running on the Oracle Database has increased due to a number of built-in expansions; this combination is not offered by any suppliers except Oracle and its Exadata product.


Exadata can make most tasks 10 times faster compared to conventional Oracle Database solutions while ensuring lower total ownership costs.

What was the outcome of the project

When the bank purchased the Oracle Exadata Database Machine, it acquired an immediate state-of-the-art solution for consolidating databases, OLTP and Data Warehousing, which in the long-term will serve all requirements of the bank in data storage. Moreover, it will enable future, effortless extensions for higher performance requirements or an increase in data volume.

The advantages Exadata provide, in the form of faster system and application responses, are seen and appreciated by bank employees, as well as by its customers, on a daily basis. Savings in hardware, software, energy and human resources are significant and enable the bank to devote more resources on the key parts of its business instead of spending more money on more servers and licenses for the Oracle Database. From the TCO point of view (total ownership costs) the bank managed to find the optimal database platform solution. 


The Oracle Exadata Database Machine was installed in the server room after only 15 days after we ordered it.

Who participated in the project

Our excellent reputation is built by competent people who bring our projects to a successful end. In this case, the client relied on these consultants.

David Kozelka

Finance Division Director


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