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Thanks to the Dynatrace application monitoring, we accelerated the response time in Raiffeisenbank's internet banking within a few days

Fast loading of internet banking, transaction history of clients and efficient resolution of possible errors - are the main advantages that Raiffeisenbank has gained thanks to the application monitoring Application Performance Management (APM) Dynatrace.  

Raiffeisenbank has improved customer experience with Dynatrace - it knows exactly where the error is

With the transition to its new Internet banking, Raiffeisenbank wanted to improve its client services and to consolidate the outdated electronic banking systems that were previously in place.  Among other things, customer experience was a primary focus, and so Raiffeisenbank wanted an appropriate system to take care of all monitoring. If key parameters were to deteriorate – if the application slowed or the number of bugs increased – the solution had to be able to identify the problem, whether at the user end or in individual technological units such as web servers, application servers, the application code, the database, the integration layer, and the associated banking systems.

With Dynatrace’s APM, we have managed to shift from reactive to proactive support of our key banking system.

Tomáš Zrna, Multichannel, Raiffeisenbank

Dynatrace application monitoring can go deep down to the application code level

Based on the trial deployment of several monitoring systems in its new Internet banking, Raiffeisenbank chose Dynatrace’s Ap­plication Performance Management tool, implemented by Adastra, mainly for the following reasons:

  • It captured the response and error rate of all clicks in the application
  • It already detected several slow and faulty parts of the application during testing
  • Deployment did not require any changes to the application code
  • All data were stored in the bank’s environment

The solution proved its ability to track the performance of client request processing across all layers of the application, even to the level of the application code. Implementing the solution also involved setting up dashboards for both IT and enterprise application owners, and training for Dynatrace users and administrators. 

Today, we can effectively optimize those areas that make the most difference to the user. Cost-effectively.

Ondřej Rydl, Head Of Treasury Products, Raiffeisenbank

Dynatrace helped Raiffeisenbank accurately identify critical points during their testing

When implemented, the Dynatrace APM solution confirmed the capabilities it demonstrated in the trial deployment during the tender. In a short period of time, it succeeded in fixing several bugs that could have caused the application to slow or errors in its full operation.

After the rapid and successful deployment of Dynatrace APM, Raiffeisenbank decided to begin monitoring other key applications. In the case of one of these, an application supporting Treasury business, using the APM for the first time almost immediately revealed several problems that had been caused by a system upgrade and occurred over several months. This was a very positive result for the Treasury enterprise application owner, in particular regarding data on how fast the application responds, as he had faced issues with this in the past. Having started monitoring with Dynatrace APM, Raiffeisenbank has an overview of how the application really works.

In the implementation of our new Internet banking, we have significantly upgraded our monitoring system and tools to measure application performance and response. We have thus managed to shift from reactive to proactive support of our key banking system, whose smooth operation makes a crucial contribution to our clients’ satisfaction.

Tomáš Zrna, Program Manager Pro Multichannel And Digital Development, Raiffeisenbank

In Dynatrace APM, we have acquired a tool that is easily understandable for business users, which will allow us to push user experience of our investment management application to a new level. User experience is, inherently, very subjective and cannot be replicated. Now we have “hard data” at our disposal that shows how users actually move through the application and how transactions are processed in the backend. Thanks to this, we can focus on optimizing those areas that make the most difference to the user, while doing so cost-effectively.

Ondřej Rydl, Head Of Treasury Products, Raiffeisenbank

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