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Sales Contact Center Productivity Optimization

We helped a major consumer finance company in Vietnam to improve cross-sell contact center agents productivity by 20% via optimization of auto-dialer call allocation model considering clients‘ characteristics and agents’ characteristics, performance and capacity.

Our Actions

We have reviewed end-to-end cross-sell contact center processes and defined and gathered needed data allowing us to:

Segment Client & Agent Pool

based on their characteristics (product history, communication history, performance etc.)

Prepare PtB models

for each client segment and define target conversion rate and target spin rate (number of attempts)

Define Sales Agent Targets

for each sales agent segment in terms of workload to maximize the outcome

Allocation Rules Definition

specifying how the clients should be allocated to agents pool

Additionally, we developed dynamic (re)allocation rules for each lead based on current stage of sales process and historical data (client segment, PtB, results of communication in previous steps, etc.)

Project Results

Automated call allocation/reallocation model significantly improved productivity of sales Contact Center agents and improved overall Call Center effectiveness. The average sales contact center agent productivity improved by 20%.


average sales contact center agent productivity improvement

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