Case study Slovak Telekom

Slovak Telekom digitalized retail processes with a single device

Adastra implemented a store digitalization solution for all Slovak Telekom stores in Slovakia in partnership with ELCOM and Proboston Creative. Thanks to this unique concept featuring a device enabling offer display, Next Best Action, and paperless eSignature with biometry.

We live in an era of digitalization and paperless processes, often online only, where stores/branches are unable to keep up. Modern customers are used to having everything they need in their phones with nice visuals. At times they feel back in the previous century when leaving stores and branches with a bunch of printed signed contracts and paper notes explaining the agent’s offer. With its concept, Adastra transfers online customer experience to stores/branches, enabling to enter true digital era.


With an objective to digitalize their stores, Slovak telekom was the early adopter in Slovakia. The idea behind this project was to innovate stores, replace piles of paper with their digital version, improve customer experience with a single device for customers’ interaction during their visit, but most importantly to profile Slovak Telekom as an innovative telco company.


Slovak Telekom


As the basic equipment we chose a unique device Elcom Secure Sign II  as the only one device that combines all required functionalities:

  • Complete replacement of paper catalogs previously used at stores
  • Display offers prepared by the agent or display pre-calculated offers based on the client’s history and needs (visualization of devices, comparison of devices, rate plans or offers)
  • Display contracts in digital PDF format to be signed with digital biometric signature and delivered to the customer via email
  • Propose Next Best Action (NBA) - while sales representative is processing an order in the CRM, the screen is used for NBA tailored for a customer
  • Cost-effective solution for store digitalization
  • GDPR compliant solution
  • Notes - sales representatives can make their own notes directly on the tablet allowing them to comment on the displayed offers

Customer experience in both physical and digital environments is one of the key priorities of Slovak Telekom. Introduction of T-pad in our retail stores is a great example how we can link these environments and show benefits and possibilities of digital to our customers. First features implemented in 2020 also create a good basis for our way to zero-paper retail.

Ľudmila Jakubíková, Head of Retail and D2D, Slovak Telekom


The device is capable of displaying offers, proposing Next Best Action, and supports eSignature with biometry. Elcom Secure Sign II has integrated "smart card reader" for customer identification via ID card or a payment card and enables:

  • Direct signing of documents
  • Secure customer identification
  • Cross-selling & Up-selling of products
  • Cost savings
  • Speed up of processes
  • Improved customer experience

Secure Sign ll

Secure Sign ll - Technical Specifications

Goodbye old school forms and common offers. Hello paperless, modern, user-friendly solution at your fingertips.

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