Manufactoring company

Solution by Adastra secured a complex overview and traceability of KPI key indicators in a global manufacturing enterprise

The client is an international company that sells its products worldwide which must report results in an exact and precise way on a monthly basis. Adastra provides the company with a system that guarantees complete overview and accountability of all key indicators, generates annual closing numbers, in addition to forecasts for the end of the fiscal year. We even cover budgeting performance and reporting, so any operational period can be compared and detected irregularities controlled.

The problem we faced

The planning process has been greatly refined and standardized courtesy of a shift in technology to IBM Cognos Planning, IBM Cognos TM1, Oracle DB and SAP Business Objects. The planning and preparation of these technologies has been ongoing since 2009, one year after the concept was born. Adastra guarantees the implementation of the solution and its subsequent support and development with a team of 5 consultants striving to constantly improve it. More than 100 people have been involved in the project since Day 1.

Planning is based on IBM Cognos Planning and IBM Cognos TM1 and includes both strategic planning as well as budgeting and forecasting. Scheduling is performed on a monthly basis. Results are stored and archived in the Oracle database and accessible through reports in SAP Business Objects.

Our suggested solution

The project was established over 30 planning models for different business areas, which are supplemented by more than 200 reports. Calculation logic in the database has about 160,000 lines of code, which highlights the range and complexity of problems being solved.

Our goal was to deliver a system that automates numerous tasks previously performed manually, to share data between departments, increase the transparency and traceability of data and expand the customer's analytic capabilities in a systemic solution for the closing process. 

What was the outcome of the project

Following in the footsteps of the system's success, further roads are being paved by creating corporate budgets, thus opening the door for tremendously improved results in divergence analysis.

Today the customer uses modern planning and reporting technologies to simplify and clarify their internal processes. We are pleased our contributions are helping our customer continue to grow on an annual basis and enjoy success on a global scale.

Who participated in the project

Our excellent reputation is built by competent people who bring our projects to a successful end. In this case, the client relied on these consultants.

Zdeněk Hruška

Senior Consultant

Filip Rufer

Senior Consultant


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