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Store digitization with an all-in-one unique device, which combines client verification, biometric signature and digital offers

Adastra introduced store digitization solution in partnership with ELCOM. Thanks to a unique concept featuring an all-in-one device enabling client identification, offer display, next best action and paperless eSignature with biometry.

We live in an era of digitization and paperless processes, but often only online, whereas stores/branches are unable to keep up. Modern people are used to have everything they need in their phones with nice visuals. At times they feel back in the previous century when they leave stores/branches with a bunch of printed signed contracts and paper notes explaining the agent’s offer. With its concept, Adastra transfers online customer experience to stores/branches, enabling to enter true digital era.


Automated data transfer from scanned or photographed IDs will prevent 90% of all input errors.

Cost-effective opportunity for store digitalization

The main idea is to bring to stores/branches a solution that eliminates the need for piles of paper and brings additional sales potential and enables digital signing of contracts in stores/branches. Digital signing of contracts is on the one hand user-friendly and on the other hand it enables better management by the sales point (bank, telecom operator, insurer, retail store). As the basic equipment we chose a unique device Elcom Secure Sign II from our partner ELCOM, Ltd., which is the only company in the market that combines all three required functionalities.

  • Identification via ID cards with chips or by means of OCR retrieval of documents by means of a camera
  • Client education by means of personalized videos showing product and service uses
  • Display of offers prepared by the agent or display of pre-calculated offers based on the client’s history (pre-approved credit card, card insurance...) and complete replacement of paper catalogues previously used by the store/branch
  • Display of offers in digital PDF format, subsequent digital biometric signature and contract delivery to customers

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